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Let's only take pictures......Let's only leave footprints!

5 challenges to preserve the island : your summer in Belle-île-en-Mer

This summer, in Belle-île-en-Mer, let’s put into practice the 5 challenges to preserve the island and its exceptional biodiversity! Let’s only take pictures, let’s only leave footprints! Whether we are a resident or a visitor, these 5 simple challenges are within the reach of all of us, let’s be exemplary actors…wherever we are on the planet!

CHALLENGE #1: Preserve our water resources!

Every drop counts! Water is precious, especially in island lands. On Belle-île, freshwater reserves are replenished only by rainfall! And contrary to popular belief, our island has some of the lowest rainfall in Brittany with 688 mm per year …So because every drop counts, here are some tips to implement on a daily basis :

    Rainwater is neither chlorinated nor hard…plus it’s free! It’s great for rinsing suits, watering the garden, washing the car and outdoor uses. And, the water used for cleaning vegetables can also be used to water plants!

    At home and at the hotel, cut off the water to soap up, favor the use of small towels, use household appliances on full load (washing machine, dishwasher) and prefer short showers to baths (1 bath = 3 showers).



    We procrastinate on washing the car, it can wait well for the first refreshments of September….




    As part of your challenge #1

    An idea for a visit!

    Go to the Aiguade Vauban, also called the Belle Fontaine: you will discover how sailors under the reign of Louis XIV supplied themselves and renewed their water resources. Open from June 1 to September 30, from 9am to 5pm. Admission is free and unrestricted!

    Learn more about the Aiguade vauban



    CHALLENGE #2: Let's limit our waste!

    5,490 inhabitants year-round, 7 times more in summer…In 2020, inhabitants and vacationers produced more than 7,000 tons of waste of which nearly 2,000 concern household waste that is landfilled…With simple gestures, it is possible to further reduce our waste production!

      Compost and give back to the earth…Check out the Composting Memo, handy to know how to properly compost your kitchen, house or garden waste.

      Let’s buy second-hand, at the Ch’tal, Belle-île’s ressourcerie! A real economic actor of the island, with five employees and more than eighty volunteers, which allowed, in 2021, to value, clean, repair more than 72 tons of wastepotential!



      Let’s work to limit the waste buried on the island (yes you read that right BURIED) and let’s ditch the disposable in favor of washable and reusable.

      As part of your challenge #2

      An idea for a visit!

      Year-round residents or passing visitors, why not go on a discovery tour of the Belle-île landfill? An educational outing to reduce our impact: every year, there are more than 2,500 cubic meters of residual household waste that are collected and buried on the island, which is the equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool…

      Consult the agenda to find upcoming visits

      CHALLENGE #3: Protect our beautiful nature!

      Belle-île en mer is part of the European network of protected natural areas Natura 2000, which represents on the land part 55% of the island. The marine protected area of Belle-Île designates the extension of the Natura 2000 site at sea of 14,000 ha, that is, 75% of the total area of the site. Also to protect its natural wealth sustainably, let us all, inhabitants and visitors, adopt simple gestures

        On the trails, let’s use tips on walking sticks (required by city ordinances of June 2022) and not go off the trail at the risk of disturbing local wildlife and damaging flora.

        At sea let’s adopt the basics of eco-navigation and at the beach, let’s protect our skin with organic products, the water quality will only be better for everyone.

        Let’s favor activities labeled by the “Engaged by Nature” network, actors who are aware of and carry the values that are sustainable for Belle Isle.

        As part of your challenge #3

        An idea for a visit!

        Let’s immerse ourselves in the marine world by “diving”, comfortably installed at the Maison du Littoral. To visit the Maison du Littoral is to set out to discover the incredible wealth of natural environments of Belle-Île-en-Mer and its marine protected area. The place is open to all and a must-see!

        Hours and rates of the Maison du Littoral

        CHALLENGE No. 4: Let's consume locally!

        Isn’t it a citizen’s act to consume the products coming from the surrounding villages? So let’s go with our eyes closed, let’s taste the good products of Belle-île! Equipped with your favorite basket and a few containers to limit over-packaging, direction:

          The Producers’ Corner, the nice markets of Bangor, Le Palais, Locmaria and Sauzon and the producers offering direct sales of honey, vegetables, cheese, sausages…


          The 11 Bellilois businesses that are members of the “Savoir-faire des Îles du Ponant” network: La Bien-Nommée, Bo Glass Studio, La Désirade, Fluïd, l’Ilot Carton, JBH Création, GAEC du Menhir (cheeses), Festival Lyrique-en-Mer, La Main à La Pat’, Le Panier de Laura (fruits and vegetables, at Le Palais market), Patman, Island Reveries, Les Savons de Belle-île, Vival.

          The restaurants that clearly display local products on their menu and there are many in Belle-île that value the short circuit!



          As part of your challenge #4

          An idea for a visit!

          See you at the market of course! Places of conviviality, meeting with producers and inhabitants.

          Discover the 4 markets on the island

          CHALLENGE #5: Let's Ride Zen!

          On Belle Isle, the roads are narrow and rarely have sidewalks. In the summer, with the growing population, the roads are very busy and in various ways. We find cars of course, but also pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, strollers, overboards….everyone must think about being visible and even if it is not very sexy, the yellow vest can save your life. A smooth, fluid ride will be low noise and enjoyable for all! In summer, we know, there are more people on the roads so let’s plan for longer travel times to be more zen while riding.
          What do we have to gain by riding Zen?

            We contribute to a better living environment here…as elsewhere

            We save a few bucks to give our kids an artisanal, local ice cream!

            We protect other users of the road

            As part of your challenge #5

            An idea for an activity!

            Everyone on a bike! Find all our good cycling tips and the most beautiful routes!

            Bike Rides

            There is always something happening on Belle-île...

            ...your summer agenda

            And for a TOP island summer...

            ...even more ideas for outings and discoveries