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S’s settle in Belle-Ile

Coming to settle on an island and on the biggest island in Brittany in particular makes one dream and leaves one dreaming…indeed, the myth of Robinson is part of the collective unconscious. Settling on an island, who hasn’t dreamed of it?
To be part of a community, to change one’s life, to rebuild oneself, to feel useful for a territory and its inhabitants, all dreams are possible and each story is unique.

“How did you get to Belle-île?”
is often the question asked to the newcomer, the answer will forge the beginning of his story in Belle-île.

Is it through a job, a vacation, a meeting, a new project … whatever the answer, it is above all a love at first sight for Belle-île-en-mer as for Sarah Bernhardt!

Beyond love at first sight and idealization, there is the reality of a place located at least 50 min by boat from the mainland, where accommodation is difficult. The strong attractiveness of the islands on the second home market has led to a strong growth in real estate prices. On the Ponant islands, the proportion of second homes is higher (63%) than that of main homes (37%) and Belle-île is no exception to this reality.

While waiting for this dream to become reality, we invite you to discover the courses of islanders, they transmit to us a philosophy of sharing and care for the environment.

To help you build your project, the institutional organizations including the Tourist Office are at your disposal to accompany you.

Real estate agencies
Buildings and Services

Architects, insurers, concierge… Professionals are at your disposal to help you with all your projects!

Exhilarating, invigorating, lively, authentic

The 4 seasons of the island

It's winter

Belle-Île en Hiver……jours tranquil

Some people prefer to discover it in winter. They are not wrong in wanting to appreciate the island in its true appearance, stripped of all artifice. This is the best season to share the reality of island life with serenity, taking time. The beaches, coasts and almost deserted paths form larger landscapes and are all the more impressive that, on certain days, storms come to transform them into black and white…

It's spring

Blue, white, pink, spring on Belle-île

An impression of transparency, a sudden softness of the air, the polyphony of birds, the cliffs coming to life: it is spring. Suddenly, the desire is great to see again, at the end of the winter, the known places. We would like to be everywhere at once to savor this emotion, this wonder of the awakening nature of Belliloise…

It's summertime

Finally summer in Belle-île-en-Mer

From mid-June onwards, we feel the rise of an effervescence: everyone is busy. In the villages, people put the finishing touches to the organization of the shop windows, they hurry up for the final works, the markets become denser, the harbors and the creeks fill up with pleasure boats, numerous also in the harbor of Palais…

It's autumn

Fall or Indian summer in Belle-île-en-Mer

On the wild coast, as towards Port Kerlédan, at the Aiguilles de Port Coton, at Baluden, at the Pointe du Skeul, the clumps of foliage of the oval-leafed Statices take on red tones awakening the gray of the rocky plateau. Often mixed with the Statices, its umbels becoming red, the sea fennel also takes its autumn colors…