Pleasure boating on Belle-île

Head for Belle-île! The ports of Le Palais and Sauzon have all the necessary amenities to welcome boaters: equipment, placement, pricing, transportation and catering, all the essential information to prepare your arrival in the two ports of the island. Would you like to discover the largest island in Brittany by the sea? Find the best mooring spots all around the island.

Ready to make a stopover on Belle-île? “It’s clear in the harbor”…so follow the guide!

Venir à Belle-Île, traversées lignes régulières, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanVous pouvez joindre Belle-Île toute l'année grâce aux liaisons maritimes quotidiennes
©Vous pouvez joindre Belle-Île toute l'année grâce aux liaisons maritimes quotidiennes|Karine Piquet
Le Palais and Sauzon

The two marinas in Bellon

You will find in the ports of Le Palais and Sauzon all the facilities you need to have a pleasant stay: sanitary facilities, local shops.

The Port office

From Le Palais

The port of Le Palais, the largest on the island is also one of the most important in Southern Brittany! Ferries, fishermen and cargo boats rub shoulders there, and this throughout the year. It is very busy in high season, so access to the docks can sometimes be difficult.

Contact the Port of Le Palais office

Phone of the harbor office : 02 97 31 42 90
VHF channel : 9

The Port office

From Sauzon

On the north coast, the small picturesque port of Sauzon offers a quieter setting as there is less maritime traffic.

Contact the Port of Sauzon office

  • Phone of the harbor office: 02 97 31 63 40
  • VHF channel : 9
The top of the anchorages

In Belle-Île

Here are the places to anchor that will allow you to make the most of your stopover in Belle-île. Drop anchor in front of the beautiful sandy beaches of the interior coast facing Quiberon. Looking for adventure? Head west! The wild coast, its beaches, creeks and natural harbors nestled between the cliffs offer magnificent shelters.

Extend your experience in Belle-Île