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Getting around, Belle-Île without your car

Belle-île-en mer is the largest island in Brittany, 20 km long kilometers from east to west and 9 km from north to south.
Choose your place of accommodation and your mode of travel adapted to the duration of your stay and the composition of your family.

A public transportation bus service, Belle-île Bus, is in place from Easter to All Saints’ Day vacations, serving most villages, accommodations and tourist sites, beaches and outdoor activity spots.

You will also be able to rent on the spot your vehicle with thermal or electric engine and alsoinhabitable vans, or discover a wide range of two wheelers, VTC, mountain bikes and electric bicycles. Taxis, transport or transfers on demand are also available. If on the occasion of a long stay, taking your vehicle by boat opens up more freedom of movement on the island, this choice is not necessarily profitable and useful during a short stay! Choose environmentally friendly transportation for your travels!

Finally, and because in Belle-île solidarity is natural, hitchhiking is a common practice that will offer you great encounters!


Getting around smart!

Ways to visit Belle-Île

Soft transport, public transport, sensible use of the car…many solutions exist to emit less greenhouse gas, spend less when traveling and discover Belle-île-en-Mer differently!

On foot

This is the universal mode of travel par excellence. Favor walking for short distances, especially when you go shopping at the markets or at the small shops present in the 4 communes of the island. If you are fond of long walks in the middle of nature, treat yourself to the 82 km coastal path…Equipped with good shoes, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscapes.


Do you like the feeling of freedom that cycling offers? Go to our partners who will know how to best advise you: traditional bikes for great sportsmen, electric bikes for the others…Because, don’t be fooled by appearances, Belle-île has relief! During the peak season, the road is shared between pedestrians, bicycles, scooters and cars. It is therefore imperative to respect the rules of the road so that everyone circulates safely!

In public transportation!”

Every year, every day, from the Easter vacations to the All Saints’ Day vacations, a public transportation bus service, Belle Ile Bus, is set up. It serves most villages, accommodations and tourist sites, beaches and outdoor activity areas. As a bonus, from mid-July to mid-August: a night bus service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, to discover Belle-île By Night!

By scooter or by car!

Being motorized is the safest way to discover most of Belle-île’s must-see sites, especially on a day trip. This solution is also recommended if you have chosen a long stay in a furnished rental. Sunsets or night drives are yours to enjoy the beauty of the starry skies in the heart of summer, and return to your cocoon in complete safety.

Excursion by coach

From April to September, the Les Cars Bleus agency offers you two excursions with driver-guide, for a day or half-day, to discover all the must-see sites of the island. You can also punctually call upon the Cars Bleus agency for private transfers on request (passengers and luggage from 7 people).

In taxi

For a one-time breakdown or to organize a visit to the island on a very short notice, you can call on the taxis present on the island. Count about 60€/hour, booking is highly recommended!

By boat

If you have to stop over on an island, take the opportunity to discover it during a boat ride! By sailboat or motorboat, our partners offer custom cruises with family or friends. Departures are made from the ports of Le Palais and Sauzon for ½ day or full day trips.

Extend your experience on Belle-Île