Changer De Rythme, Océan profiter de l'océan, plaisance, voilier, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanSortie en mer, tour de l'île, les activités nautiques vous permettront de découvrir Belle-Île depuis l'océan
©Sortie en mer, tour de l'île, les activités nautiques vous permettront de découvrir Belle-Île depuis l'océan|Fabien Giordano Bellimages

Sea outings

Discover the history and maritime heritage of Belle-île-en-Mer by sailing along the island’s sumptuous coastline.

let yourself be awakened!

On board professional vessels

On the water, ocean rides

For a breath of fresh air!

Departing from Le Palais or Sauzon, come and discover Belle-île by sea, aboard a speedboat or a large semi-rigid, professional ships and crews. With them, cast off towards the Pointe des Poulains or Kerdonis, passing by the leeward coast or the wild coast! Excursions from 2 to 4 hours…or the whole day!

The walks in this magnificent marine protected area are commented live by the captain. Marvel at these landscapes that offer atypical views of these parts of the island’s coastline, beautifully sculpted by the sea.

Set sail and head out

on Belle-île or the islands of Houat and Hoëdic

Let yourself be carried along by the waves for a partial or complete tour of Belle-île. You will discover how the particular geology of the island has forged its history and its extreme variety of landscapes. You will learn all about the fauna and flora so specific to Belle-île: the barnacles (the famous barnacles) while having perhaps the chance to cross off shore dolphins or gannets.

For a long stay, take a day trip to the islands of Houat and Hoëdic, and let yourself be seduced by their authentic charm. The crossing itself is a mini-cruise with stopovers in the heart of a wild nature.


hired by Nature !

For a 100% responsible stay, discover the members of the “Engagé par Nature” network who observe practices that respect the natural environment.

Engagé Par Nature En Mer
Rule n°1

Respect for the sea bed and marine life

Engagé Par Nature En Mer
Rule n°2

Limiting the discharge of waste into the sea

Engagé Par Nature En Mer
Rule n°3

The improvement of the knowledge on the marine environment, and the awareness of the users.

And why not

Give in to the temptation of ocean fishing?

Sea fishing trips will be offered on board the launches where a fishing guide will fully share this pleasure, in the respect, of course, of natural resources…Bar, sea bream, pollack, whiting, capelin, squid, julienne, discover sport fishing during a sea trip for the day or a few hours!