Coming by boat: one island, several departure ports

Ready to embark for the biggest island of Brittany? Several solutions are available to you!

Venir à Belle-Île, traversées lignes régulières, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanVous pouvez joindre Belle-Île toute l'année grâce aux liaisons maritimes quotidiennes.
©Vous pouvez joindre Belle-Île toute l'année grâce aux liaisons maritimes quotidiennes.|Fabien Giordano, Bellimages

Belle-île-en-Mer is located in Southern Brittany, 17 km off the Quiberon peninsula and the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, in one of the “Most Beautiful Bays in the World.”

All year round, the island is served by boat from Quiberon, in a 50-minute crossing.

From April to October, shipping companies serve the island from the ports of Vannes, Port Navalo, Le Croisic and la Turballe.

A trip to Brittany’s largest island cannot be improvised, it must be prepared, anticipated, and matured in order to have the most beautiful experience there!
Our projected attendance calendar will guide you to choose the best date – excluding peaks – to discover Belle-île!

An island...

Several ports of departure

Vannes, Quiberon, Locmariacquer, Port Navalo or even Le Croisic or La Turballe are all ports of departure to get to Belle-île… By boat, of course!

What about you?

Which port is closest to you?

Customized crossings!

Water cabs

By bike, scooter, electric car...

Belle-Île without my car!

Departing from Quiberon, with the Compagnie Océane, you can embark with your own bike (15€ A/R), scooter, motorcycle (from 42€ to 140€ A/R) or car on board (from 160€ to 598€ A/R depending on the length of your vehicle)

If Belle-île is the largest of the Breton islands, visiting it without having to pass your car is possible…Follow the guide!

Cast off for Belle-île-en-Mer