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Our friendly eco-advice

“Let’s only take pictures, let’s only leave footprints!”

Fragile as its name suggests, choosing to live or come to the islands implies an awareness and a real commitment from all of us.
Let’s set an example and make eco-gestures a true art of living, here as elsewhere, back home.
Discover our economical and ecological tips!
May Belle-île change us durably, we wish it and we challenge you !

#1When to come to belle-île ?

Belle-Île is a very large island. Choose your dates carefully and organise your stay, in order to live the island life with peace of mind, a calendar helps to visualize the calm or more agitated periods!

#2You come to Belle-Ile just for the day?

We advise you to bring a small bag to take your waste back to the mainland. Book your services well in advance. Arrive as early as 9am to make the most of your day as the island is large.

#3Let's support island life!

Our businesses and our producers have talent.

Here as elsewhere, let’s offer local and support our insular economy and the short circuit.

#4Where to park in Palais ?

At Palais, let’s park in the free parking lots a 5min walk from the center to stroll through the rural and beautiful shops.

#5The GR® 340 Grand Tour de Belle-Ile-en-Mer, elected GR® preferred by the French in 2022

On the coastal path, reserved for pedestrians, let’s respect the fragile flora, stay on the path and don’t leave any more unsightly paper. Let’s pick up our waste, bring your little bag, a simple gesture for the pleasure of all !

The wearing of tips on walking sticks is mandatory by Municipal Orders of June 20, 2022.

#6How to combine leisure and environmental protection?

Let’s discover the good practices respectful of the living world with the outdoor leisure providers labeled “Engaged by Nature”.

#7Do you know what a zero waste picnic is?

Small challenge between friends: let’s get to the 0 waste picnic! Small homemade dishes in reusable containers, non-disposable glasses and cutlery, isothermal bottles, cloth napkins… who says better?

#8Let's save water!

This magical place reminds us how precious water is, especially on islands. Let’s find out how sailors sourced and renewed their water resources at the Vauban Agulhas. At the hotel let’s take care of the water, let’s cut off the water to soap up, let’s favor the use of small towels.

#9Slide along the water.

Let’s embark on a timeless walk, along the water by kayak or paddle. Alone or with a guide experienced, let’s discover various panoramas, without upsetting their natural state. This is a good idea for outing to contemplate the landscape from a new angle.

And above all#10Slow tourism: the art of taking your time.

Let’s pick up the pace with a lighter program. Leaving room for wandering, allows you to relax and enjoy good times with family and friends, chat with locals, savor…