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Les Grands Sables Shellfish and crustaceans...

La plage des Grands Sables…Almost 2km long, in the heart of a cove protected from winds and swells. Located between Le Palais and Locmaria, on the inland coast, it’s the RENDEZ-VOUS of farniente lovers...Although! The configuration of this well-sheltered beach makes it the ideal spot for paddle boarding, sea kayaking or even sailing. On your towels, ready? Go for it!

A dream beach

A beach dream!

Geology, history, water activities..

A beach rich in surprises!

From Le Palais, it is accessed by the coastal road, after the Pointe du Bugul, by a descent which offers one of the most beautiful panoramas on the inland coast with, in focus, the Bay of Quiberon, the islands of Houat and Hoëdic.

Stretching for nearly 2 km, with Samzun beach extending it, there are two entrances through the fortifications known as “La Ferrière“, the last vestiges of the island’s military past.

This vast beach of clear, fine sand, facing northwest, is sunny all day and remains sheltered from the west winds. The sea is calm here and the sandy foreshore (tide swing zone), unique to Belle-île because it is protected from the swell, offers numerous shellfish all year round as well as small crabs and razor clams!

Various brown seaweeds (fucus, kelp, kelp), the greenish-brown sargassum and a few small clumps of green seaweed (sea lettuce) make up the leash of the sea and preserve the clarity of the water.

Why do you like Les Grands Sables?
For its crystal clear waters
For its unique panorama on Houat and Hoëdic
For an impression of the end of the world
Let's respect the leash of the sea!

On each beach of Belle-île come to rest the different elements that make up the leash: 70% algae and 30% driftwood and macro-waste. The seaweed favors the vegetation of the top of the beaches.

The sea leash is at the base of the food chain and the ecosystem of a beach. It is the symbol of a clean and healthy beach, and must be respected.

The coastal guards of the Community of Communes of Belle-île are committed to manually extracting macro-waste stranded on the beach such as cans, nets, or other plastic bottles. They constitute a real nuisance for the wildlife. In summer, beach cleaning takes place every morning, and in winter, once a week.

You too can contribute to the protection of the beach ecosystem! Be sure to pick up your own trash (bottles, papers, cigarette butts etc.) or collect those you come across during your walk!

Les Grands Sables

An ideal spot for water sports!

The Belle-île-en-Mer water sports leisure base!

If lounging in the sun is not your forte, you will find at Les Grands Sables something to fill your day! Hobie Cat rental, windsurfing boards, kayaks, paddleboards…

The Horizon Sailing School also offers catamaran and windsurfing courses for children and adults, to discover or improve your skills!

Surf casting is possible outside of swimming hours, and the best fishermen will bring back soles and bass!

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