Herlin, plus qu'une plage : un site naturel unique à Belle-île ! La plus grande des îles bretonnes, Bretagne Sud
©Herlin, plus qu'une plage : un site naturel unique à Belle-île !|Karine Piquet

Lazing on the beach

Among the many charms of Belle-île-en-Mer, its beaches are favored by visitors… The largest island in Brittany has no less than 58 of them! Pride of the islanders, it is a real heritage, which must be taken care of. If the beaches remain places of relaxation, leisure and pleasure, they are also an open book on the natural world and for the attentive visitor, a constantly renewed source of wonder!

Beaches and coves

For all desires and all seasons!

The beaches of Belle-île

Between winds and tides

Belle-île, enjoys a mild and regular climate all year round and offers landscapes as captivating as they are varied!

The inland coast (known as “inland“), facing the mainland offers easily accessible, wide and fine sandy beaches, while the wild coast, on the west side, beaten by the Atlantic Ocean hide creeks and beaches of stunning beauty, to be conquered (often) by sport!


A diversity of beaches

For all lovers of the Ocean

If for you going to the beach is above all practicing a sporting activity, 2 beaches among the most beautiful of the island are waiting for you: Donnant and Les Grands Sables…On the program surfing, paddle, windsurfing, kayak rides…What to do, to surpass yourself during your stay!

The farniente lovers will have only the embarrassment of the choice! The only obligation, to really appreciate the sunbathing : watch the wind direction before choosing the beach ! The advantage of the island is that no matter how the wind blows, there is always a sheltered beach!

In pictures

the most beautiful beaches of belle-île !

What about you?

Which beach will you choose?

The beachA living and fragile environment

Belle-île-en-Mer is part of a European network of protected natural areas called Natura 2000. Our island is fragile, let’s protect it and respect it!

How? Easy by adopting these simple ecogestures when you go to the beach!

Use ecolabelled sun creams and milks instead of oils

Don’t bury any trash in the sand and use beach ashtrays for butts

Return your waste to the selective sorting bins

Think of a dedicated bag to satisfy your natural needs without denaturing the beaches

Observe the species in their natural environment, without taking them away!




almost feet in the water!

Find our address book of accommodations located at less than 300 m from a beach of Belle-île…Perfect to start or end your day well !