Se dépasser - sports, Plages - Partir à la plage, Océan - Profiter de l'Océan, Nature - île photogénique, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanLa plage de Donnant, l'une des plus belles du littoral Atlantique. C'est aussi la plage de Belle-Île où l'océan est le plus agité. Les vagues qui s'engouffrent sur la plage font le bonheur des surfeurs. La plage compte d'ailleurs deux écoles de surf
©La plage de Donnant, l'une des plus belles du littoral Atlantique. C'est aussi la plage de Belle-Île où l'océan est le plus agité. Les vagues qui s'engouffrent sur la plage font le bonheur des surfeurs. La plage compte d'ailleurs deux écoles de surf|©Fabien Giordano, Bellimages
Surfing at Donnant One of the best spots in Brittany

Donnant beach has waves suitable for surfing all year round. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, this spot will offer you the perfect wave to enjoy an unforgettable surfing trip. Weather conditions, surfing lessons or equipment rental, the information to remember.

More than 200 days of surfing per year!

One of the best spots in Brittany

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island

Surfing in an authentic setting

The combined action of the swell and the wind is at the origin of the current geomorphology of the shores and the richness of the landscapes: the rocks, made up mainly of a rich schistose of precambian age are very jagged. Under the action of the wind are formed in the dune of important slicknesses of sand, bowls and undulations of all kinds.

Western exposure

An ideal orientation

Facing due west, Donnant catches all the swells which allows for year-round surfing. In summer, families are safe there (it is supervised in July and August). However, it is advisable to be wary of the strong currents along the coast.

Make the wave board work

Different surfing for all conditions!

Small waves in August, or big rollers in November, here are the surf models best suited to the different surfing seasons in Donnant.

The Mini malibu,this board is perfect for beginners. This stable and lightweight model allows you to paddle easily on the water. The mini malibu is very versatile. This makes it perfect for year-round use.

The Longboard will be your best summer riding partner in Donnant. It is the most efficient for catching small waves. Be careful though, the longboard is power hungry! Because of its weight, it is more complicated to maneuver. Paddling is therefore more difficult.

The Shortboard is the board prized by experienced surfers. Light, maneuverable and responsive! It is the surfing par excellence to perform tricks and abrupt changes of direction. The best time to practice shortboarding in Belle-île is autumn and winter. From October, storms arrive on the west coast and bring a powerful swell.

The Bodyboard with this model, the surfer remains lying on his board. This allows to discover the sensation of sliding, and to better apprehend the speed which is interesting for beginners. In bodyboard you can also take big waves more easily than in surfing. Ask François what is the best season for bodyboarding.

Weather, tide

Choosing the right time to take the plunge

  • What are the particularities of the spot?

    The Donnant spot is particularly exposed to swell and wind. Therefore, the waves can reach up to 3 meters high. However, because of the strong currents and rocks, it is better to prefer high tide!

  • What is the most suitable medium?

    The bodyboard

    The best medium for taming Donnant’s powerful, hollow waves is bodyboarding. This discipline, accessible to all, has quickly established itself as the queen discipline of the spot. In surfing, the initiated ones will find what to make the full of feelings. When the conditions are small, children and beginners will easily discover the joys of sliding.

  • What is the temperature of the water?

    Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the water in Donnant is therefore rather cool. The temperature will never exceed 21°, not to mention the wind that will make you feel cold. So remember to equip yourself accordingly.

  • Is the spot suitable for a family practice?

    The waves at Donnant can go up to 3 meters high. One could thus think that it’s a spot reserved for experienced practitioners. However, there are moments of respite where families and friends will be able to initiate themselves to the practice, whether it is surfing or bodyboarding.

The tidepool

An eco-responsible gesture

The tide bin allows everyone to participate in the depollution of the ocean and the preservation of Belle-Ile’s protected natural areas. When you get out of the water on the spot of Donnant, remember to pick up a piece of trash on the beach and deposit it in the bin provided for this purpose.

What's next?

Hike, bike, trail or golf

To take advantage of each season in Belle-île

Want to get back on dry land? Conquer the coastal trail withtrail and hike. Runner looking for elevation gain or hiker looking for a leisurely stroll, you’ll find something to suit you with the 80 km and 2000 m elevation gain of the Coastal Trail. With the heat of July, or the tranquility of an autumn day, the GR340 will fulfill your expectations.

  • On the wild coast, the long climbs and descents of the wild coast will lead you to small beaches hidden by high cliffs.
  • The continuous sequence of ascent and descent between Le Palais and the Pointe des Poulains will make you discover small creeks and beaches sheltered from the waves.
  • The path between Le Palais and Locmaria, its gentle slopes and lush vegetation will lead you to the largest sandy beaches of Belle-île

Itineraries, refreshment points, sites not to be missed on the trail…

Our tips for organizing your days:

You can also pick up the Belle-île hiking guide at the tourist office in Le Palais. You will find 17 loop hiking routes.

Preferably by bike?Belle-île has 80 km of marked routes for cyclists. These routes link the 4 towns of Belle-île. They will also allow you to reach the monuments, beaches and local natural sites by small roads and paths far from the main road axis. You can rent electric bikes, mountain bikes, VTC from the many local rental companies.

What if you tried one of the most atypical golf courses in France. From March to November, the Belle-île golf course gives you the opportunity to golf in a sumptuous setting. The course bordered by the ocean will allow you to enjoy a splendid view of the wild coast and the Poulains lighthouse.


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