Se déplacer à Belle-île, Changer de rythme - déplacement doux, déconnexion, tranquilité, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanOptez pour le vélo à Belle-île ! Un déplacement doux et bon !
©Optez pour le vélo à Belle-île ! Un déplacement doux et bon !|©Office de Tourisme de Belle-île

Bike rides

Are you tempted by the joys of biking on the largest and most hilly of the Breton islands? Belle-île is a wonderful playground to escape to the great outdoors while being well equipped and safe! Indeed, for the moment, apart from the dirt roads, there are no developed bike lanes but only roads shared with cars. Whether it’s for a relaxing or more utilitarian trip, with the family or on your own, discover our tips to enjoy the island safely. To you the 150 villages of the island on its 4 communes, to you, the side roads and hilly roads to crisscross the island at your own pace and especially in slow tourism mode! And remember, it’s impossible to tour the island in one day, you need time to discover Belle-île and its secret corners! Discover the freedom to get lost!

Experienced, our renters offer all styles of bikes: classic bike, mountain bike, classic electric bike and big wheels and why not tandem, 4 calves will not be too much for the beautiful hills of Belle-île!

The art and the way

to (re) get back in the saddle!

The largest of the Breton islands…

…But also the most hilly one !

The bicycle is one of the most pleasant ways to discover Belle-île-en-Mer in the open air while moving from one site to another, in the strictest respect, of course, of the highway code.

The island has no bike paths but itineraries on secondary roads or farm roads away from the island’s two main traffic routes…Indeed, on the largest island in Brittany the place of the car remains indispensable for the 5,500 inhabitants!

In electric or traditional bikes…

…Put your calves to the test!

For your comfort and to make the most of the island, we recommend the use of electric bikes which, after a time of getting used to, will prove to be your best allies during your bike rides. The more experienced sportsmen can prefer the traditional bikes, lighter, and also more adapted to the small dirt roads.

A little advice: go for a ½ day or a full day with water bottles and picnic baskets to make sure you get the most out of it, at your own pace and according to your desires.


80 km of recommended routes

and 6 loop circuits

In Belle-Île, you will not find bike paths therefore, but secondary roads, asphalt roads or dirt roads, sometimes narrow, where hikers, cyclists, horseback riders and also cars cohabit in mutual respect.

6 circuits allow you to go on an adventure from the 4 communes of the island. Rather sporty on the whole, they remain one of the best ways to discover the interior of the island as well as the 140 or so villages and hamlets of Bellil. Take full advantage of these paths to discover the island’s inner secrets: old mills, stone houses, vestiges of the island’s military and religious past… Let yourself be surprised!

Bicycle questionThe Tourist Office knows all about it!

On the tourist map of the island, distributed free of charge, we got our shirt wet!

Recommended routes connecting the towns of the 4 communes are materialized in green

– Route of 5.3 km between Le Palais and Bangor
– 9 km route between Le Palais and Sauzon
– 9.5 km route between Le Palais and Locmaria
– Itinerary of 10 km between Sauzon and Bangor
– 10 km route between Bangor and Locmaria

You will also find materialized our favorite route between Bordadoué beach (east coast) and Herlin beach (west coast)….Only 5.4 km apart, these are certainly two of the most beautiful beaches on the island, ideal to discover with the family! The path linking them will allow you to discover the richness of the interior landscapes of the island.

With : Departure from Quiberon

Only 2 shipping companies, and essentially at departure from Quiberon, will gladly board your trusty steed!

Aboard the Iliens company’s catamaran, count 30€ round trip.

On board the ships of the Compagnie Océane (except on board the speedboat “Kerdonis”), count 15€ round trip for a traditional bike and 20€ round trip for an electric bike.

In both cases, booking is essential!

Without : Rent on site !

If you don’t have your own bikes, no worries the bike rental companies are spread out over the 4 main communes of the island, you’re bound to find your happiness! The little extra of the professional renters: they will be able to give you the best advice and good tips and will make you aware of the good use of the bike in Belle-île!

From 11€ a day rental for a traditional bike and 23€ a day rental for an electric bike.

Simple gestures

to enjoy cycling in Belle-île !

  • Helmets are recommended for adults and mandatory for children under 12 years of age, drivers or passengers.
  • Although it is not always very stylish, be sure to wear a reflective vest, especially in the early morning or at dusk.
Vigilance on the road and practical advice

Have a child ride with 2 adults if possible, and in any case in front of you

For a first day on the bike, don’t overestimate your abilities, nor those of your children.

Make sure you ride on the right side of the road, look in front of you and stop in safety and never on the road

Always carry some water and a small snack.

Parking and regulations

Access to beaches and coastal paths is strictly forbidden to bicycles, even on land.

Bicycles must be parked in the parking lots provided for this purpose, whether at the entrance to the beaches, in the city center or on any other site open to the public.