Nature - île photogénique, Océan - Profiter de l'Océan, Plages - Partir à la plage, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanAu printemps de nombreuses espèces de fleurs endémiques de Belle-Île comme la fleur d'ajonc entre en floraison
©Au printemps de nombreuses espèces de fleurs endémiques de Belle-Île comme la fleur d'ajonc entre en floraison|©Loup Samzun
Explore nature From Belle-Île

Belle-Île has an incredibly rich nature.
It has been classified as a Natura 2000 area since 2006 because of its rich biodiversity. Protected marine areas, bird sanctuary, coastal moors, large sand dunes, or green valleys, these different environments will allow nature lovers to observe a multitude of landscapes during their tour of the island on foot in 5 days or their bike rides.

This richness is highlighted during guided tours and walks that let you discover all the secrets of the local flora and fauna, so many unique-nature-sites as the Nature House and the Coastal House will offer you to get to know better.

All our tips for exploring Brittany’s largest island, on the nature side, on the garden side and also on the fun side with the “Vagabondez”>application!

Natural sites


From the largest island in Brittany

Find the location of the most emblematic natural sites of Belle-Île: nature reserves, large sandy beaches, high cliffs plunging into the ocean … Since the establishment of a classified site of more than 4,000 hectares in 1978, Belle-Île-en-Mer is recognized for the quality of its environment and its landscapes. Currently, the Conservatoire du Littoral and the Conseil Départemental du Morbihan co-manage with the Communauté de Communes de Belle-île, 12 natural sites that are among the most beautiful in Brittany.


Immersive walksBeautiful introductions to the discovery of nature

by the Maison de la NATURE (Centre Permanent d’Initiatives pour l’Environnement), to learn more about the fauna and flora of Belle-Île. These animations organized by professionals will reveal all the local natural wealth with commented walks.
The tours organized by the CPIE here

– by the Maison du LITTORAL located at the Pointe des Poulains,
to discover the incredible wealth of natural environments of Belle-Île-en-Mer and its marine protected area. The place open from April to November offers to “Vagabond in natural areas” and “Dive in marine protected area
Push our knowledge at the Maison du Littoral

through the “VAGABONDEZ” app, while following a thrilling adventure, this app offers a fun way to discover the island and its treasures!
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