Nature Une Ile Photogénique Les Jardins La Laurisylve Le Palais ©karine PiquetAu hameau de Bortelo,la Laurisylve, jardin botanique et exotique est également une pépinière. Une balade sur 1,5 hectares parmi les collections d'arbres et de plantes en particulier provenant des îles Canaries, de Madère, des Açores, d'Australie...
©Au hameau de Bortelo,la Laurisylve, jardin botanique et exotique est également une pépinière. Une balade sur 1,5 hectares parmi les collections d'arbres et de plantes en particulier provenant des îles Canaries, de Madère, des Açores, d'Australie...|Karine Piquet
Visit the gardens of Belle-île

Belle-Île is a garden in itself, a pebble in the Atlantic where the wild flora is remarkably rich, inventoried by the Maison de la Nature, in the middle of contrasting landscapes: the rural central plateau with crops, cows and sheep, a gentle coastline and a wild coastline with cliffs cut into the laminated schist and green valleys largely hidden and impenetrable, except… the gardens!

La Boulaye Garden

A journey into Bell's agricultural past

A garden where Rodolphe and Véronique de Laboulaye, as passionate amateurs, set out to conquer six hectares of wasteland and discovered traces of a forgotten agricultural past. He drew the lines and curves, she prolongs them in time, listening to her inspiration, which is in harmony with nature’s.

The La Boulaye Garden, a natural place tamed with varied atmospheres, with a terrace of roses and agapanthus, sculptures of stone and iron, paths of heather and asphodel, a valley of hydrangeas, ponds and waterfalls, old walls and quarries, a staircase of rockroses and rediscovered paths, which mark out a poetic maze walk.

In 2011, the Jardin La Boulaye was awarded the Prix Coup de Coeur Jardiland by the Association des Journalistes du Jardin et de l’Horticulture (AJJH).


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The Traveler's Eden Garden

A botanical world tour in Sauzon!

In many of the gardens on Belle-île, you will find plants from countries with mild climates all over the world. Belle-île allows you to go around the world in your garden.

Several historical figures related to plants have lived on or visited Belle-île. Sarah Bernard introduced the Cinéraire, Willaumez, the router of the d’Entrecasteaux expedition who brought back to France the eucalyptus of Tasmania, Pyram de Candolle who during his stay made the first survey of the biotopes of the Ajonc…


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The garden of the Théatre du Bord du Champ

A festival of nature

With its 2.5 hectares, the garden is home to the Bord du Champ festivalwhere some of Brittany’s best known singers and comedians perform. In 2021, Gilles Servat and the Pirates of Improv took part in the festivities.


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La Laurisylve Nursery

A botanical garden

In his magnificent botanical garden, a stone’s throw from Le Palais, Guillaume cultivates vegetables, flowers, shrubs, Mediterranean plants adapted to the mild climate of Belle-Ile as well as collector’s plants. To push the doors of La Laurisylve is to enter an almost Mediterranean landscape! Among the species to discover: anthemis, sage, arctotis, petunias for the flowers; for the plants or shrubs of collection, canarinas canariensis and sonchus; without forgetting the trees of La Laurisylve: the picconia, the persea and other arbutus canarisis.


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A nature which discovers itself

throughout the 4 seasons!

It's spring

Blue, white, pink, spring on Belle-île

An impression of transparency, a sudden softness of the air, the polyphony of birds, the cliffs coming to life: it is spring. Suddenly, the desire is great to see again, at the end of the winter, the known places. We would like to be everywhere at once to savor this emotion, this wonder of the awakening nature of Belliloise…

It's summertime

Finally summer in Belle-île-en-Mer

From mid-June onwards, we feel the rise of an effervescence: everyone is busy. In the villages, people put the finishing touches to the organization of the shop windows, they hurry up for the final works, the markets become denser, the harbors and the creeks fill up with pleasure boats, numerous also in the harbor of Palais…

It's autumn

Fall or Indian summer in Belle-île-en-Mer

On the wild coast, as towards Port Kerlédan, at the Aiguilles de Port Coton, at Baluden, at the Pointe du Skeul, the clumps of foliage of the oval-leafed Statices take on red tones waking up the grey of the rocky plateau. Often mixed with the Statices, its umbels becoming red, the Sea Fennel also takes its autumn colors…

It's winter

Belle-Île en Hiver……jours tranquil

Some people prefer to discover it in winter. They are not wrong in wanting to appreciate the island in its true appearance, stripped of all artifice. This is the best season to share the reality of island life with serenity, taking time. The beaches, coasts and almost deserted paths form larger landscapes and are all the more impressive that, on certain days, storms come to transform them into black and white…