La Pointe des Poulains avec les fleurs printanièresLa Pointe des Poulains, au Printemps. Un incontournable à Belle-île...Quelle que soit la saison !

Belle-Ile in spring

It’s the return of beautiful days and sunny stays! In spring the nature of Belle-île with its lush vegetation and lively wildlife gives a sumptuous show. Many activities and naturalist outings brighten the Spring agenda. It’s also the perfect time of year to travel Nature, enjoy the Ocean, visit the island’s gardens, sample some of the local culinary specialties, and enjoy accommodations on a budget!

It's Spring!

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Your Spring in Belle-île

In springtime on Belle-île, Mother Nature can be moody, gentle or rebellious, but whether you’re a fan of board sports, iodine flavors, an art lover or always up for an adventure, you’ll always find the best of the island through unique experiences.

Revive your 5 senses by caressing the sand, tasting 100% Breton flavors, listening to the sound of the ocean, being impressed by the explosion of nature’s colors and smelling the characteristic coconut scent of the gorse in bloom.

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The best times to discover Belle-Île in Spring

Blue, white, pink

Spring in Belle-île !

An impression of transparency, a sudden sweetness of the air, the polyphony of birds, the cliffs coming to life: it’s spring!

The return to life of the Bellilian nature

A daily wonderment!

Suddenly, as winter comes to an end, the desire to revisit familiar places is great. One would like to be everywhere at once to savor this emotion, this wonder of the awakening belliloise nature. Where to start?

In this season of alternating weather, with the sea as a backdrop, the sunny days will be used to survey the coastal paths. Often bordered by the white mossy fleece of blackthorns, their lightness is transmitted to our steps generating an additional joy. Here and there, clumps of European Gorse give off their exotic coconut scent. Yes, take a deep breath. In the heart of blackthorn clumps, as behind the Kerdonis lighthouse, do you recognize this almond fragrance?

In April, all the landscapes of the island are transformed by this light whiteness of the thorny blackthorn. On the hillsides, especially on the interior coast, strange white candles stand out: they are the Arrondeau Asphodel. They are a protected species, and we will be satisfied to admire them without picking them.

Still understated but intense

A spectacular movement of life!

On the wild coast, the show differs with its vast coastal lawns adorned with the pink carpet of the Maritime Artemia. Its density is very spectacular from Port Skeul to La Pointe des Poulains through Vazen, Port Kerlédan orthe Apothecary.

Early in the season, the paths of several valleys surprise with the deep blue corollas of the Pulmonaria, a tube flower appreciated by insects. Wood Hyacinths and Veronica complete the blue cameo. The Bangor Valley is a fine example or the Metairie Valley in Locmaria. The multiple songs of birds, music of the origins, will further enhance the walk. On the central plateau of the island, it is the multicolored meadows that are worth looking at: they are remarkable for their diversity. This floristic richness leads to the richness of the insects that are attached to certain plants. Because Spring is also this great movement of life, almost invisible, which resumes…

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The best of Spring in Belle-île

3 good reasons

to love Spring in Belle-île

Reason n°1

Awaken your 5 senses by savoring the spectacle of the awakening of the abundant nature

Reason n°2

Go green and hike on the GR340 elected favorite GR of the French 2022

Reason n°3

Taste the local flavors and especially the lamb of Belle-île with its unique flavor

Land & Sea side

Fill up on outdoor activities!

To be discovered in Spring

The local (product) of the stage!

Lamb of Belle Isle

Label du Large!

The lamb of Belle-Île-en-Mer, if it can not bear the name of “pre-salted”, reserved for the only sheep flock of Mont-Saint-Michel, is marketed under the local label “lamb of the open sea”. Omnipresent on the island, it benefits from the oceanic climate, full of sea spray, which associated with grass and aromatic flowers have comparable effects on the quality of its flesh.

To qualify for the label, created in 1994, the lambs must be born on Belle-Île, spend a minimum of 60 days in the pasture and feed only on farm products.

A must-try recipe for the Easter vacations!

There is always something going on in Belle-île!

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