Histoire Patrimoine, Le Palais, capitale de Belle-île-en-Mer, la plus grande des îles bretonnes, Bretagne Sud
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Island Portraits

They reveal you the essential of Belle-île !

In the course of a conversation, you will undoubtedly notice that in Belle-île, there is a distinction between the Bellilois – those born on the “caillou” – and the Bell-îliens, newcomers to the island, either because of a professional project, or because of a change in life.

This distinction, far from separating the local population, brings it together, around a common trait: the magical character that Belle-île exerts on anyone who has, one day, set foot there! This island seems endowed with a power of bewitchment and a force of attraction…supernatural!

With these portraits of islanders, we want to take you beyond the postcard landscapes (of which Belle-île is not lacking, for sure!) to share with you the impressions of those who have fallen under the spell of the “Well-named”. They tell us their journey and through it their attachment to the most beautiful and largest island in Brittany …

They tell their island...