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Belle-Ile in summer

With summer comes the promise of sunny days, lounging on beaches or doing the full range of activities on land and sea! The days grow longer to end beautifully in an explosion of incandescent colors at the Needles of Port Coton or at La Pointe des Poulains! It’s also a time for partying, festivals, meeting and sharing.

It is the summer! Let's only take pictures...

Let's only leave footprints!

In the spotlight

Your summer on Belle-île!”

This summer, in Belle-île-en-Mer, let’s put into practice the 5 challenges to preserve the island and its exceptional biodiversity! Let’s only take pictures, let’s only leave footprints!

Whether we are a resident or a visitor, these 5 simple challenges are within the reach of all of us, let us be an exemplary actor…wherever we are on the planet!

Discover the 5 challenges for your island summer and ideas for 100% eco-friendly visits and activities!

Finally the summer

in Belle-île-en-Mer !

Here comes the summer! From mid-June onwards, we feel the rise of an effervescence: everyone is busy!

More than 50 beaches

To indulge in idleness!

In the towns, the final touches are being put on the organization of the shop windows, people are rushing for the final works, the markets are becoming denser, the ports and creeks are filling up with pleasure boats, numerous also in the roadstead of The Palace. In the villages, renovation of paintings and garden works are finished for the best welcome of the passing visitors…The arrivals of the boat bottleneck Le Palais: the holidaymakers have returned, eager to find their residence for a week or for the whole summer in the tranquility of a hamlet. Most have prepared for the beach. Belle-Ile has 52 accessible by land.

Big or small like les Grands Sables, Donnant, Les Armels or Dotchot, they keep their wild aspect: a sandy cove bordered by rocks and cliffs. Then, when the transparent waters recede, they reveal an aspect of underwater life: seaweed of various colors, mostly edible, themselves harboring small grazing gastropods, notably the multicolored Littorines abundant in Port Fouquet.

On coastal trails

In the morning light…or evening light!

Those who prefer to walk will enjoy the morning lights and the calm of the coastal paths, letting themselves be guided simply by the desire to go towards some white houses emerging from the mist or the blue of a point, accompanied by the breath of the sea.

On the wild coast, it is around 8 pm that the moor will offer the best of its sweet scented atmosphere. Towards Borderune, not far from the Apothecary’s, from August onwards, one circulates in a pink and rusty mosaic that the gold of short gorse lights up. Attentive ears will perceive an insistent buzzing: the moor is the kingdom of Bees, of the Black Bee of Belle-Ile, a very ancient native species. The moor itself, exceptional in Europe, constitutes a heritage for the island. Its vast surfaces and the rare cohabitation of Wandering heather and European gorse have earned it a European protection status.

As night falls, in the distance, the Poulains lighthouse keeps watch. A gray sky reinforces the colors and highlights the contrasts. The serenity of the walk prepares for sleep and arouses the desire to return, again and again…

In pictures

The best of summer in Belle-île

3 good reasons

to enjoy summer in Belle-île !

Reason n°1

Discover the 58 beaches and coves of Belle-île

Reason n°2

Enjoy the lively terraces, parties and festivals of the summer

Reason n°3

Enjoy and fill up on iodine and local products

Land & Sea side

Fill up on outdoor activities!

It's summertime

Our must-see walk!

Looking for a little shade? Here’s our walking tip, one of our favorite ones under a blazing sun: a walk in the beneficent shade of the trees of the Vallon de Stang Per…Discover this interpretive trail and its tropical jungle look! The walk ends on the beach of Kérel and the most beautiful of the wild coast where you will enjoy taking a dip in its crystal clear waters!

To discover in summer

The local (product) of the stage!

The honey of Belle-île

The black bee produces a unique honey

Belle-île benefits from a wild and diverse flora that allows a unique honey production. Also each honey is a piece of the island, the reflection of a territory and a season. In France, only a few places allow the preservation of the “pure” black bee and Belle-île is one of the most enviable! Protected by a prefectural decree prohibiting the introduction of all bees from the mainland since 1985, they are particularly pampered by two professional beekeepers who take care of them on this 85 km² territory between sea and moors, Richard Laurence and Quentin Le Guillou.

All the local flavors of the island, to be discovered on the local markets!

There is always something going on in Belle-île!

The summer agenda

Discover Belle-Île all year round

One island, 4 seasons