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Belle-île Gourmande : Local flavors

Sweet or savory, the many specialties of Belle-île will satisfy all food lovers! Pouce-pied, lamb from the sea, honey from the black bee…Belle-île is also a land of quality and local know-how. Restaurants, markets, food shops and direct sales from local producers, find out the best addresses to taste or get the 100% bellilois products.

Passionate about cooking, want to get your hands dirty? We reveal the recipes of local chefs to prepare tasty dishes. Want to bring back some delicious souvenirs in your luggage? Beers or whiskey made on site, Breton cakes, the artisans of Belle-île offer a wide choice of products…and also welcome you to their production workshops for commented visits followed by a tasting!

Products from the ocean or the land

Everything you need to know about the specialties of Belle-Île

In Belle-île, Mother Nature is generous! This unique terroir gives products of character and quality: the Lamb of the sea with its spicy flavor, the barnacle this crustacean prized by the greatest chefs whose flavor is halfway between crab and shrimp, or the honey of the Black Bee from the work of bees on the wild and unique flora of Belle-île.

Belle-Île, a land of flavors par excellence.

Farmers, cookie makers, confectioners, canneries: all draw from the diversity of local riches the raw materials for the realization of quality products. In addition to the local products “flagship” such as the barnacle, lamb or honey Belle-île, producers compete to offer islanders and visitors a wide range of flavors, from sweet to salty, over the seasons.

During your stopover, you can take advantage of the many local specialties and share them with your family and friends:

goat or cow cheeses with the pilou artisanal cheese factory ;

Fish and shellfish spreads with delicate flavors from the Belle-îloise, the Poissonnerie de Belle-île or the Conserverie de Belle-isle-en-Mer;

mead, wax, honey from the black bees of the Black Bee Beecher or Richard Laurence ;

local craft beer La Morgat, brewed in Port Salio;

whiskey from the Kaerilis distillery;

cookies, Breton cakes, caramels, from The Well-Named cookie factory;

100% organic apple juice from Cécile and André Le Guellecor local cider;

La Palantine chocolates or Origins master chocolatier.

Some of its local producers open the doors of their workshops…With family or friends, discover the behind-the-scenes manufacturing that some of Belle-île’s must-have products!

Visits and tastings

Local producers reveal local specialties with guided and animated tours. Some establishments even organize free tastings. Gourmet animations for young and old!

Special family entertainment!

  • The Rucher de l’Abeille Noire: understand everything about the world of bees and the profession of beekeeper.

Welcome to the farm! Animator training, alongside children and teenagers for fifteen years, Quentin Le Guillou now shares his love of bees during exciting educational visits in his honey house, located near Le Palais. For about 1h30, you will discover the bees, their way of life and the work of a beekeeper, his equipment and the products of the hive…that you will be able to taste! The + of this visit: you put on a suit and go to observe the bees in full activity… They are brave and generous these bees! A visit to make in family to become aware of the beauty and the fragility of this species.

Discover The Black Bee Hive

  • The artisanal cookie factory, La Bien-Nommée: the den of gourmands

Founded in 1997, the cookie factory “La Bien-Nommée” (the other name given to Belle-île) now employs nearly 30 people. From manufacturing to packaging, all steps take place on site, in the factory located a few blocks from Le Palais. To the traditional cookies are now added a wide range of products: caramel creams, caramels, Breton cakes…Enough to seduce the most greedy among you! Anxious to share their craft and allow you to discover their know-how, the factory welcomes you from Monday to Friday for a free visit followed by a tasting. It’s exciting, and ideal to do at snack time!

Discover La Bien-Nommée Biscuit Factory

Tours to do with friends

  • The Kaerilis craft distillery: unlocking the secret of the stills

It is now in his beautiful space located on Avenue Carnot, in the heart of Le Palais, that Fabien Mueller welcomes you to discover the arcana of the manufacture of Kaerilis whiskey. From “kaer”, beautiful in Breton, and “ilis”, island in Greek, his whisky is made and aged in oak barrels on site, enough to give the golden nectar an iodized taste! Our distiller, never stingy with explanations, uses for certain vintages, barley from Belle-Île. If, like him, you are intrigued by the mysterious and secret side of the stills, push the door of the distillery: the range of Toussaint Karibel aged rums as well as perfumes with delicate scents complete his workshop-boutique.

Discover Kaerilis Distillery

  • La Brasserie de Belle-île La Morgat

If your walk on the trails has made you thirsty, don’t panic, Thibaud Ettore, creator and manager of the brewery “La Morgat” is waiting for you! On the heights of Le Palais, not far from the Belle Fontaine, blond, amber and white beer is made here since 2001 in a traditional way. Beers with character – like the boss! – these 3 types of beverages have a taste for the open sea. Always on the lookout for something new, Thibaud launched a new line of beer this summer: the Triple 8, for thrill seekers. At the end of the brewery visit, a pleasantly shaded terrace awaits you to continue the gustatory adventure, without abusing it, of course!

Discover La Morgat Brewery