Changer De Rythme, Plage De Donnant, Sauzon, Printemps, ,Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanLes dunes de Donnant, un site naturel spectaculaire à deux pas de l'océan
©Promenez vous sur les dunes de Donnant, un site natura 2000 de 109 hectares à deux pas de l'océan|Fabien Giordano Bellimages

Belle-île ressourçante : Taking the time

To slow down, to disconnect, to take time, to take care of oneself, to contemplate… Belle-île is by nature, a resourcing destination.
To come to Belle-île, you must first “cast off” to immerse yourself in its marine environment. In winter as well as in autumn and summer, thalassotherapy is beneficial and spreads all its benefits. Ahike along the coastal path and bike rides along the inland paths will offer you a reconnection to yourself and to nature. And because conviviality is one of the islands’ hallmarks, we offer“Feel Good” terraces.
Here are some ingredients to make your “slow discovery of Belle-île” a success!

On foot or by bike

Strolls to get away from it all

Want to take a leisurely walk along France’s favorite coastal path? Here are our ideas for easy walks to explore the GR®340.

Are you on a bike? There are thousands of ways to discover Belle-Île on two wheels! With children, with friends, or as a lover, here are our tips to explore the most beautiful monuments and local natural sites at your own pace. Are you more of a sportsman? Here are the hilly and technical itineraries to improve your skills.


Facing the sea

Beaches and coves to disconnect

Belle-île-en-Mer, the largest of the Breton islands, has no less than 58 beaches! Whatever the season and your desire of the moment…Find yours!

3 great ideas

To disconnect!