A Marine Areato protect and to love!

The Belle-Ile-en-Mer Marine Protected Area (MPA) covers a perimeter of approximately 17,000 Ha spread over land and sea. The NATURA 2000 protection status obliges us to reconcile, on this perimeter, human activities with the preservation of habitats and species, some of which are recognized as being of community interest.

Changer De Rythme, Océan profiter de l'océan, Histoire patrimoine bâti, plaisance, voilier,Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du Morbihan
©Lors de votre séjour à Belle-Île vous aurez la possibilité d'observer de nombreux voiliers. |©Fabien Giordano-Bellimages


The Community of Communes of Belle-Ile

Natura 2000 operator of the Belle-Ile-en-Mer MPA

In the heart of the perimeter of the Marine Protected Area, the users and therefore the protection issues are numerous: preservation of the Zostera meadows and the Maerl bank for the underwater part, preservation of the Wandering Heather Heath and the protected seabirds on the terrestrial part… Fishermen, hikers, water sports practitioners, sailors…it is up to everyone to adapt their behavior to preserve the pleasure of their activity and preserve the wild nature of Belle-Ile-en-Mer.

…So let’s have the right reflexes!

For a greater respect of the Belle-Ile-en-Mer Marine Protected Area, we are all concerned by good practices. Here are a few examples for our boaters:

  • Let’s respect the regulations concerning fishing: the size, the number of fishing gears…
  • Let’s stick to a reasonable amount of fish and shellfish
  • Let’s respect other users: distance, quietness, safety
  • Let’s respect the principles of eco-navigation: no discharge of wastewater and hydrocarbons at sea, carry out its careening in a dedicated area, carry out the selective sorting of its waste, save water etc…
  • Let’s learn about underwater habitats and species to respect them. The port agents of Palais and Sauzon are trained, the coastal guards of the CCBI and the environmental educators of the CPIE are on the ground at your disposal!”
CPIE/Maison de La Nature

Fishermen, hikers, water sports enthusiasts, boaters…it is up to everyone to adapt their behavior to preserve the pleasure of their activity and preserve the wilderness of Belle-île.

For the well-being of allSome simple gestures

Whatever your boating activity, remember these simple steps for your safety and everyone’s well-being!


I’m getting started safely, with a professional who knows the sea.

I plan an adapted outfit, to my activity and to the weather conditions (light shoes, windbreaker, cap, sun cream, wetsuit,…)

I inform myself with the town halls, federations, associations and the Tourist Office of the current regulations.

I inquire about weather conditions before my outing.

I tell someone I know about the boating area where I plan to practice an activity alone.

I adapt my speed to the environment and others.

I avoid navigating in anchorage areas.

I make sure I don’t leave any trash behind.

I do not disturb protected bird species.

I avoid noise in order to respect the tranquility of others.

I respect the activity of marine professionals.