The best anchorages for boaters and sailing enthusiasts

Sailors, sailing enthusiasts, would you like to make a stopover on the largest of the Breton islands? All around the island, you will find anchorage spots in unique sites! In the purest respect of these environments, counting among the most beautiful in Brittany, we have listed for you the 9 must-see sites to discover Belle-île, on the sea side!

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Anchorages around Belle-île

Find all the essential data for boating in Belle-île: location of the main anchorage spots, weather, wind and swell exposure, numbers to contact. You will also find practical information to spend a pleasant stay on land; the nearest shops and restaurants.

Location of anchorages

From Belle-Île

Belle-île-en-Mer has 2 harbors, Le Palais and Sauzon, and no less than 9 anchoring spots spread all around the island. On the inner coast, facing the mainland, in Quiberon Bay, in addition to the 2 harbors, well sheltered, you can anchor off the beaches of Port Fouquet, Port Guen, Port Yorc’h (excludes the Gros Rocher area) and the Grands Sables. The most seasoned boaters will undoubtedly prefer the Côte sauvage, which is particularly exposed to westerly winds and swells, with the spots of Ster Vraz and Ster Ouen, Port Goulphar, Kérel, Port Blanc and Port Andro.

The CCommunauté de Communes de Belle-île-en-mer watches over the Marine Protected Area by issuing decrees aimed at protecting the maerl beds and exceptional sea grass beds.


Weather, tides, useful numbers

Information for sailing in Belle-île

Weather, tide times, find the essential data to navigate safely. For any additional information concerning safety, marine weather, and legislation in force, please contact the harbour master’s offices of Le Palais and Sauzon:

VHF channel 9 or 02 97 31 63 40 Sauzon

VHF channel 9 or 02 97 31 42 90 Le Palais


Two magical coves in the Northwest

The rugged terrain protects this anchorage well from south, east and northeast winds. The seabed is mainly sandy. However, beware of the rocks that border the cove on both sides. Anchoring is allowed here. Ster Vraz is also a particularly popular beach for families as it is conducive to swimming and water activities such askayaking, paddleboarding, or scuba diving. Adjacent to Ster Vraz, the small cove of Ster Ouen offers a second shelter, featuring hawsers on land. Be careful though, due to the narrowness of the place, access can be difficult.

Practical information:

The port of Sauzon, its grocery store, restaurants and bars are 35 minutes away on foot and 10 minutes by bike.

Good to know: in summer, hitchhiking works very well. Especially at the end of the day when people come back from the beach!

Port Goulphar

An anchorage near the Aiguilles de Port Coton

This small cove offers good protection against north, south and east winds. Access to the anchorage is not particularly difficult. Anchoring is allowed and mooring buoys are available on site.

Practical information:

Port Goulphar is located just above two hotels, among the most prestigious on the island: Le Grand Large and Le Castel Clara. You’ll find restaurants that scientifically combine haute gastronomy and local flavors! Reservations more than advised.

Less than a 15-minute walk and a 5-minute bike ride away, the hamlet of Kervilahouen is home to a bar, a restaurant as well as a grocery store. In Petit Cosquet, two restaurants await you: the crêperie Café Coton and La Table de la Désirade.

Finally, in theburb of Bangor, which is a 35-minute walk and 15-minute bike ride away you’ll have access to all the amenities: a mini-mart, a tobacco bar offering fast food in season, a café-library as well as the creperie Chez Renee. The +: all year round, on Sunday mornings (from 08:30 to 13:00), the local producers of Belle-île meet at the market place in Bangor...Unmissable!”

Kérel, an anchorage

On one of the most beautiful beaches of the wild coast

This 2,000-year-old beach is close to Bangor. It forms a natural harbor that allows the anchoring of about 30 boats.

It offers another spot well sheltered from the west winds as the cove is oriented to the southwest (on the east side) then, on its opening, due south. Be careful, however, because the ria is very exposed to waves when the west swell is important.

Practical information:

The beach of Kérel is located 25 minutes walk from the town of Bangor and about ten minutes by bike …This part of the island is hilly as well on foot as by bike!

Port Blanc

An ideal anchorage in the south of the island

Port Blanc is a sandy anchorage facing east-northeast. Anchoring is allowed, mooring buoys are also present at the site. By the coastal path, you can access the semaphore which dominates the Pointe d’Arzic. From this point, you will discover a magnificent panorama which extends from the island of Houat to the Loire estuary.

Practical information:

The beach of Port Blanc is located 12-13 minutes walk and 8 minutes by bike of Locmaria. In this typical little town, you will find restaurants offering Bellilois specialties, a bakery, a grocery store as well as a bike rental shop (traditional and electric) to set off on an assault on the south of the island!

Port Andro

One of the most beautiful beaches of Locmaria

The Port Androis the perfect location for protection when the winds are from the north or east. Anchoring is allowed. Beware, in west winds waves sometimes give difficult conditions.

Practical information:

On the beach, the bar-restaurant Mabalulu offers cold drinks, nice salads, burgers, and ice cream. You can also reach Locmaria after a nice 45-minute hike on green paths. By bike, it will take about 10 minutes to get there!

Grands Sables

An anchorage in front of the biggest beach of Belle-île

The place is very well sheltered from the west winds thanks to the hilly terrain. Anchoring is allowed. Grands Sables is conducive to swimming and water activities: paddle, kayak and small sailboats sail there in relatively large numbers.

Practical information:

1h walk or 30 minutes by bike are necessary to reach Locmaria, the nearest town.

From April to November, bus line 3 also allows you to reach Locmaria or Le Palais.

Port York (excluding the Gros Rocher area)

An accessible shelter near Palais

This second anchorage on the interior coast, is the closest to Le Palais. Port York (excluding the Gros Rocher area) is popular with boaters when Le Palais harbor and the anchorages near the Vauban city are full. The anchorage is located in front of Port York beach.
Attention, by prefectural decree taken by the Community of Communes, only the part in front of the beach, and not on the Pointe de Gros rocher side is authorized. This area offers an excellent natural protection against the north wind and waves.

Practical information:

The bus line 3 allows you to reach Locmaria or Le Palais. 25 minutes by bike are needed to go to Le Palais.

Port Guen

The nearest anchorage to Le Palais

This anchorage is made up of sandy bottoms and rocks and allows you to anchor close to the coast. Be careful though, the place is relatively exposed to the north wind.

Practical information:

You are 45 minutes walk from Le Palais, and a small fifteen minutes by bike.

Port Fouquet

A cove between Le Palais and Sauzon

This small sandy cove is located on the coast between Le Palais and Sauzon. The anchorage is particularly well sheltered from the north wind. Anchoring is allowed

Practical information:

The beach is located 25 minutes walk from the city center of Le Palais and a small ten minutes by bike.

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