Nature île Photogénique, Océan, Plages, Belle île En Mer, île De Bretagne, Bretagne Sud, Au Large Du Golfe Du MorbihanUn plongeur est une laminaire, une algue typique des fonds marins de l'île
©Un plongeur est une laminaire, une algue typique des fonds marins de l'île|Erwan Amice

Dive into the heart A marine protected area

Discover the coastline, explore the sea bed, meet the fauna and flora… Here are 3 reasons to dive in Belle-île! Our advices to practice scuba diving during your vacations on the biggest island of Brittany.

A film

To discover the sea bed of Bellon


Dive into marine protected area

A work that is as much artistic as it is athletic

Head over to La maison du littoral to watch this 20-minute short film featuring the Bellilois seabed. This film directed by Ariel Delebecque and Axel Casters was shot entirely underwater. On the program: bluffing shots that show all the diversity of the marine fauna and flora of the largest island in Brittany. The technology used for this film gives an even more impressive atmosphere to the images. The cameras used for the filming are hybrid cameras for the general public that allow to visit small spaces and to capture 120 images per second, without artificial light.

Dive in a marine protected area
Dive in a marine protected area
Plongez en aire marine protégée - Belle-Île en mer
#1 Belle-île, a scuba diving paradise

An abundant fauna and flora

In a preserved nature

Belle-Île has been spoiled by the diving gods! With more than 80 km of coastline, 12 nature reserves and an exceptional diversity of seabeds, all the conditions are met to spend wonderful moments underwater. A host of marine creatures awaits you just a few meters below the surface. Lobsters hidden in the cracks, conger eels snaking between the rocks, spider crabs covering the rocks by the dozens, octopuses, or cuttlefish levitating above the sand like hovercrafts straight out of a science fiction movie.

Belle-Île, a tranquility in all seasons

For safe diving

Want to dive in a beautiful spot, far from the hustle and bustle and the boats speeding by? Then Belle-Île is for you! Even in the height of summer, the best dive sites in Belle-Île are not crowded. The maritime traffic is less important than on the mainland and is also much calmer in summer! As a proof, the sea scooter is totally forbidden on the coast of the island.

With fins, snorkel and mask, you discover the ocean floor from the surface. The snorkeling also includes small phases of immersion in the water. It is an excellent way to get used to diving, to get used to the equipment, and to train your muscles to better manage the fins.

This is the most minimalist way to dive! It requires only a few pieces of equipment: mask, snorkels, fins, wetsuit if the water is cold and you are ready! At shallow depths, freediving does not require any particular supervision. For a beginner, the dive time will be short, between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Shallow depths are between 3 and 5 meters.

Scuba diving is always done in pairs and requires the supervision of a professional for safety reasons. The equipment is more important. In addition to the mask, snorkel, wetsuit and fins, a regulator and oxygen tanks are used. The duration of immersion is more important than in freediving. To validate a first dive (accessible from 8 years old), the diver will have to spend 25 minutes under water. The depths reached are also greater. A beginner can go up to 20 m.

#2 Discover, improve, where to practice

Useful information

To dive in Belle-île

The numerous and easily accessible diving spots will allow you to go out even if the weather is capricious. With about sixty beaches and as many potential launches, you will almost always find a part of the coastline protected from waves and wind.

The coast between Le Palais and Locmaria and its large sandy beaches are perfect for beginners and to get a first glimpse of the local fauna and flora. Schools of maerl a bright red seaweed will offer you a colorful show. Fishes and cephalopods with amazing shapes “sail” to their occupations very close to the surface. Flatfish such as soles hide on the sandy bottom. At the end of the summer, you will certainly come across cuttlefish sailing between the clouds of sand.

The spots: Grands-Sables, Bordardoué, Port York

For outings well sheltered from the west wind, the Sauzon coast and the Pointe des Poulains and its small creeks give access to seabeds where intense life reigns: spider crabs, lobsters, or sea bass swimming peacefully between the seaweeds.

The spots: Port Puce, Deuborh, Bordéry, Penhoet

The east wind is blowing and the sea is rough in the east? Dive west with an excursion on the wild coast! Here, high cliffs up to 40 m high protect small coves from gusts and swells. The relief already impressive on the surface continues underwater. A lunar landscape offers itself to you: faults, large blocks of rocks and underwater caves.

The spots : Ster Vraz, Port Scheul

Snorkeling, freediving, scuba diving

Discover or improve your diving skills

With the pros of Belle-île

Want to swap the usual bike ride for a water walk ? The swim walk is an ideal activity for families and people who want to continue their stay with a gentle sport activity. Supervised outings of 1h30 that can accommodate up to 8 people will be offered from Deuborh.

From Deuborh, Angelus Plongée offers formulas that match the desires of divers of all ages and levels: baptisms, courses for children and teens, diving courses. David Godec, a diving instructor who has been living in Belle-île for 20 years, will show you all the beauty of one of the most lively beaches in Morbihan. At only a few meters depth, a troop of fish and crustaceans go about their business: school of anchovies swimming in unison, octopus moving on the rocky carpet or groups of spider crabs clinging to the rocky walls. Close to the shore, the marine flora is also magnificent. The kelp, algae resembling ribbons and reaching a length of 4 meters, cover the rocks. Further out to sea, an amazing spectacle awaits you with the jewel anemone. Hundreds of individuals of different colors cover the rock. Green, purple, red, orange, pink, yellow, whitish or brown, the jewel anemone will illuminate your dives!

Sea trips, yoga, and freediving in the same stay is possible !  Yogapnea organizes three-day courses. A rich and varied program awaits you.

  •  Yoga classes applied to scuba diving
  • Excursions on the wild coast
  • Sea trips from the port of Le Palais with discovery of the wrecks that litter the Bellilois seabed.
Beaches to get in the water


Diving spots accessible by car

#3 Take to the Sea

For outings rich in discoveries

And in surprises!

On the surface, the show will also be there! Spring and summer are the dolphin season! Hikers can often see schools of several dozen individuals from the cliffs. With the sea trips, you can get within a few meters of these majestic marine mammals. Encounters with cetaceans are frequent explains David Godec leader of Angelus Plongée and organizer of sea excursions for divers. “Crossing dolphins I must say that it is far from being exceptional!” He continues “During an outing this summer with a group, we had barely left the dock when a man beckoned us from his sailboat. He points in a direction, and there were dolphins everywhere! We were only 500 m from the port!

Diving courses and excursions

Towards the underwater treasures of Belle-île

  • Now you’re sure you want to try diving, and want to discover the most beautiful sites underwater? Scuba diving courses are for you. Angelus Plongée offers courses of 6 sessions including 2 boat trips. At the end of this course, you will obtain the level 1 in diving. This diploma will give you the right to dive between 20 and 40 m deep.
  • Are you an experienced diver and want to go and discover the most beautiful spots offshore? David offers boat trips with or without supervision to the local underwater treasures: faults full of life, underwater cave, wrecks.


1. The Philippe Eric, the only wreck accessible to beginners. This trawler that sank in 1983 is only 20 m deep.
2. La Basse Badec halfway between Sauzon and the Pointe des Poulains

3. Le Cochon at the Pointe des Poulains the rock of the pig beginning

4. Ster-Vras At the entrance to the Ster-Vras cove, two sites in the “Côte Sauvage” atmosphere. The first, nicknamed “the cathedrals” and the second under the Koh-Kastell reserve, offer a maze of faults and drop-offs. An atmosphere to be experienced in good visibility.

5. En Oulm Island rocked in front of the apothecary.

6. La Basse de Palais: a rift full of life, perfect for a first dive from a boat.


1.The Kansan, an American freighter sunk in 1917 lies at a depth of 24 m

2. The Hanan this small Dutch freighter sunk by British airmen in 1944 lies at 24 m depth.

3. The Hanan escort. the wooden trawler lies in 26 m of water

Curious and friendly fauna

Show guaranteed in the seabed of Belle-île

The century-old wrecks are now home to hundreds of pout swimming peacefully around these boats and conger eels undulating peacefully on these marine relics. Despite its fierce appearance, the conger is a shy animal that does not fear man. It is probably the most sociable animal of the Bellilois bottoms explains David Godec: “The conger eel is very curious and always comes into contact with divers! When we dive close to a wreck, it approaches the men because as it has poor vision, the conger eel is obliged to stick to a few centimeters of its target to distinguish it clearly.

Exploration of the Goathland wreck
Exploration of the Goathland wreck
Ce navire à vapeur britannique a été torpillé en 1917. Il se trouve à une profondeur de 60 mètres.

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