Se dépasser - sports, Changer de rythme - déplacement doux, déconnexion, tranquilité, Se dépasser - sports, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanLa côte douce et ses grandes plages de sable sont parfaites pour la pratique du paddle
©La côte douce et ses grandes plages de sable sont parfaites pour la pratique du paddle|©Fabien Giordano, Bellimages
3 reasons to try paddle boarding In Belle-Île

Easy to learn and fun, paddleboarding is the perfect sport to discover the natural sites of Belle-Île at your own pace. Our advice to practice SUP during your stay.

#1 An activity to discover



The paddle, a sport

To discover Belle-île gently

Paddling is often compared to hiking on water. Indeed, the speed of movement in paddle is around 5km/h which is very close to walking. On a flat ground, the hiker will move at 6 km/h. The SUP is thus an excellent activity to go along the coast of Belle-île and to discover monuments and natural sites. Another advantage of the paddle is that it is a sport that is carried. This means that your body doesn’t have to suffer the impacts and shocks it faces when you run or walk. So after a SUP session, you won’t have to deal with the discomfort that sometimes follows your trail workouts, or your days of hiking.

Rental, course, supervised outing

where to practice paddleboarding in Belle-Île

  • In Sauzon, you can rent SUPs with Vives Eaux which is located in the hamlet of Port Puce. From this small cove, you can explore the north coast of Belle-Île and its protected coves.


Paddleboarding, fun and cardio!Amazing numbers!

For the same amount of time, paddling burns twice as many calories as walking! It is estimated that in terms of energy expenditure, one hour of paddling at a moderate pace is equivalent to a bike ride! This sport also builds muscle in a harmonious way. Paddling intensely works the abdominal muscles and the shoulders. The muscles of the lower body are also put to work. Leg muscles such as calves and hamstrings are used to keep your balance on the board.

#2 Belle-Île

A dream destination for paddling

Small sheltered coves, large sandy beaches, open wave spots

Various routes from the beaches

From the Grand Sands and Port Puce rental points, a multitude of sheltered routes are available to you.

  • From Grands-Sables, you will sail along the inland coast facing Quiberon and the islands of Houat and Hoëdic. It is on this part of the coastline that we find the great sandy beaches of Belle-Île: Grands-Sables, Bordardoué, Bugul beach.
  • From Port Puce, the route between the port of Sauzon and the Pointe des Poulains also gives splendid walks on a calm sea. This part of the coast very cut, will make you pass through small coves surrounded by cliffs and small islands: Port Puce, Deuborh, Bordery, Penhoet.

Spots for paddlers


Experienced practitioners able to surf with the SUP, will be able to find their happiness on the wild coast. When the sea is rough to the west, Donnant Beach with its powerful waves offers intense outings! When the prevailing winds shift to the south, Port Blanc in Locmaria offers another spot where paddlers can catch waves.

The beachesTo get into the water

Its 80 km of coastline and 58 beaches offer a limitless playground for SUP enthusiasts of all levels. The paddle spots are numerous.

#3 Another way to explore

Monuments and natural sites

From the largest of the Breton islands

Admiring Le Palais and Locmaria

From the ocean

Tired of hiking or biking? The rugged terrain of Belle-île can exhaust the organism especially on hot days. With the paddle, you can forget about the climbs and if it’s too hot you can take a dip! SUP also offers a unique view of the heritage and local protected natural areas. On the communes of Le Palais and Locmaria, you will find some of the most impressive monuments of the Breton coastline.

  • La Belle Fontaine, also known as Aiguade de Vauban, was built in 1703. The place was used as a fresh water storage for ships sailing to the Indies.
  • This part of the coastline also has many fortifications: the point of the big rock, fort larron near Grands Sables.
  • On the south coast, Port Maria Creek with its fort and pier offer a magnificent swimming spot just a stone’s throw from the Bourg de Locmaria.


Discover the beaches and nature of Sauzon

In Paddle

On days when the sea is calm to the west, you can sail along the wild coast and admire the beautiful natural areas of the north of Belle-Île: The coves of Ster Vraz and Ster Ouen, offer an easy launch and will allow you to sail to the bird reserve of Koh Kastell. For the more courageous, a walk to the apothecary will allow you to contemplate a gigantic underwater cave that is only accessible from the sea.

Extending the experience on Belle-Île