Nature - île photogénique, Se dépasser - sports, Océan, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanLes kayakistes expérimentés pourront profiter d'une promenade vers la pointe des Poulains. A gauche de l'image, on distingue le phare des Poulains, et à droite le rocher du chien
©Les kayakistes expérimentés pourront profiter d'une promenade vers la pointe des Poulains. A gauche de l'image, on distingue le phare des Poulains, et à droite le rocher du chien|©Vives Eaux
3 reasons to go kayaking In Belle-Île

Kayaking is a fun and relaxing activity that will allow you to expend your energy and explore the main historical and natural sites of Belle-Île in a few strokes of the paddle! Our advice to discover or practice sea kayaking during your stay.

#1 Explore every corner of Belle-Île according to your desires

The best plans

To discover kayaking in Belle-Île
  • In Sauzon, Vives Eaux offers from July to September half-day rentals, or daily rentals from the beach of Port Puce only 5 minutes from the town of Sauzon.
  • Rentals are possible from Grands-Sables (Locmaria) with Horizon sailing school.
  • El&O Nature Évasion will offer supervised outings from April to September from the beaches near the town of Locmaria.

For walks rich in discoveries, here is what the coasts of Locmaria and Sauzon have in store for you in preview.

From Port Puce:

you can split the waters of the small creeks located between the port of Sauzon and La pointe des Poulains: Deuborh, Bordery and Penhoet. These spots protected from the wind and waves will allow you to easily disembark on the sand and enjoy a swimming break. When the sea is calm, you can push your walk to the Pointe des Poulains.

De Grands-Sables:

You can sail between the beautiful sandy beaches typical of the soft coast of Belle-Île: Port York, Bugul beach and Bordardoué. The most courageous can push the expedition to the Belle Fontaine.

The different models of kayak
  • The sit on top kayak that you will find mainly in rentals in Belle-île. This kayak is particularly well suited for beginners. It is perfect for short walks (lasting less than 3 hours) or sea fishing. Very stable and easy to use, on this kayak, your legs are outside the boat. This makes boarding and disembarking easy.
  • The enclosed kayak or decked kayak. This kayak is perfect for a long distance ride. Thanks to its aerodynamics and lightness, it provides an excellent gliding sensation. However, it is also more difficult to use. On this model, the kayaker’s legs are inside the boat. This makes the kayak less stable and more likely to fall. You must therefore know how to re-embark after a fall.
#2 A gentle sport

to discover Belle-Île

from the sea

Learn or improve

In kayaking

On outings organized by Arnaud Le Pan, you will discover the coastline of Locmaria with protected routes passing close to a beautiful and green coastline. Lush vegetation lines the entire coastal path that descends to small coves and beaches hidden by trees and tall grass.

These sessions will make you feel more comfortable on the water! Arnaud will show you the paddle stroke so you don’t get tired anymore. You will also learn the technique of the ” rase cailloux “. This practice consists in passing between the rocks by using the water movements, and to use the waves to slide like a surfer! The game is to find the right timing to engage.

Kayaking, the perfect activity for

Getting close to animals

Introduce yourself to deck kayaking. You will gracefully spin on the water and according to Arnaud will discover nature in a new light, “With the decked kayak you are much lower compared to the sea level. So the whole landscape looks much bigger. We’re the same height as a small rock. It feels like being a kid again!

The kayak is a stealthy machine! It allows you to get as closeas possible to local wildlife. Birds and marine animals are in no way frightened by these boats emphasizes Arnaud Le Pan. “Some of my groups have been able to see cormorants in the whites of their eyes! One day dolphins even passed under our kayaks. “For dolphins, it is difficult to guarantee their presence! For the birds, we have some tracks!

KayakingA perfect sport to tone up

Building muscle, losing weight, exploring the ocean and monuments is possible! It may not seem like it at first, but sea kayaking is a cardio sport. In terms of calories burned, one hour of kayaking at a moderate pace is equivalent to one hour of fast hiking!

#3 Discover the monuments and natural sites

From Belle-Île

Ideas for walks

Kayak owner ? Here are some ideas for walks around Belle-île.

The natural sites of Sauzon

The launching spot accessible by car: the beach of Ster Vraz. From this large cove sheltered by an imposing relief, the possibilities of walks are multiple:

The coastline between Le Palais and Locmaria

The launching spots: Grands-Sables, Bordardoué or Port York. These beaches are just a few paddle strokes from monuments.

  • The fortifications of Belle-Île. The battery of the big rock, the fort of Port Maria, the coastline of the island is covered with defenses. It was once used to protect Belle-Île from the English threat.
  • La Belle Fontaine, and its free visit. This monument built in 1703 by Vauban was used to store fresh water for ships of the French navy that was en route to India.

The wild coast of Bangor and Locmaria

The launching spots: Herlin, Port Blanc, Port Maria

  • The route between Pouldon Point and Herlin Beach will take you through one of the best preserved parts of the coast, with a route that passes close to islets and small sandy coves. Count for about 2h30 of round trip.
  • Admire the highest peaks of Bellil with this walk between the beach of Port de Blanc towards the tip of Pouldon. The course will make you pass at the foot of the highest cliffs of Belle-île at the level of the tip of Skeul.
The different ribsFrom Belle-Île

Two coasts can be distinguished in Belle-île en Mer:

  • The inland coast or soft coast faces Quiberon and the Gulf of Morbihan. It extends from the Pointe des Poulains in the north to the Pointe de Kerdonis. Generally speaking, navigation is rather easy. This part of the coastline is generally well protected from winds, big waves and dangerous currents. It is therefore more suitable for beginners. Be careful, however, in case of strong east wind, the inland coast will be more exposed to waves. In this case, it may be better to leave on the wild coast.
  • The wild coast includes the entire western side of Belle-île, from the Poulains to the Pointe du Skeul, and the coast of Locmaria going from the Skeul to the Pointe de Kerdonis. Navigation is more difficult than on the interior coast. Indeed, the Atlantic part, open to waves and strong west winds, requires more preparation before starting. The currents at the level of the points such as the Skeul, the Talus or the Pointe de Pouldon are strong and can make the kayaks drift. However, we also find on the wild coast of coves and beaches well sheltered in the hollow of the cliffs.
The best beaches

For kayaking

In Belle-Île

Beaches to get in the water with your kayak


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