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©Donnant, plage familiale de la côte sauvage|©Fabien Giordano, Bellimages
Ideas for your stayof the Tourist Office

Our advice for a successful stopover

When you decide to make a stopover on Brittany’s largest island, it is not always easy to concoct a tailor-made program. With no less than 6 must-see sites among the most beautiful in Brittany, 90 km of coastal path, 58 beaches and almost as many good addresses to discover the local flavors…The choice is rich in Belle-île-en-Mer !

And then the desires depend also on the weather, the mood of the day or the time to devote. To make it easier for you, here are some of our suggestions depending on your length of stopover: by the day, over 2 days and over 7 days, so you can keep only the essentials!

on the largest of the Breton islands

A stopover of 8 days and 7 nights

7-day stopover in Belle-Île: for a real island immersion!

Bravo! You made the right choice: running around Nature, enjoying the seaside, savoring 100% local, taking-time, disconnecting…7 days in Belle-île is the optimal length of stay to discover all the treasures of La Bien-Nommée, in island mode.

On the largest of the Breton islands

A 2-day stopover

Two day stopover: nothing better than waking up in Belle-Île!

The Palace, Sauzon and the Pointe des Poulains on Day 1 and then, on Day 2, the wild coastline so dear to Claude Monet, with the famous Needles of Port Coton…A tailor-made program to discover the essential of the island in 2 days!

One-day stopover

on the largest of the Breton islands

Belle-île day trip: a glimpse that makes you want to come back!

A booklet to consult and download to organize in all serenity your discovery program on a very short time. On foot, by bike, by public transport…We have thought of everything according to your budget and your preferred means of travel.