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It’s what?

In Brittany, the weather is nice several times a day!

Belle-île, in Southern Brittany, is one of the islands with the highest annual sunshine rate. As such, rainwater remains essential especially for our drinking water supply…so smile…It’s raining!”

And above all the island is full of sheltered monuments, artists’ studios, art galleries, beautiful bookstores, local production sites, restaurants and creperies…All ready to welcome you, and all day long!

Is it raining?

Good news for Belle-île!

A specific island context, then….

…Water, let’s not lose a drop of it!

Between a growing demography ( 5,249 inhabitants per year in 2017), an annual attendance constantly increasing with some 410,000 visitors per year including 40,000 in summer…A rainfall among the lowest in Brittany with 688 mm per year…

Water is precious and fresh water reserves are only replenished by winter rainfall.…So when it rains, it’s also good news for you, for us and for the island!

Want to know more about water management on Belle Isle?The CPIE/Maisons de la Nature regularly organizes throughout the year visits to the water treatment plant, the drinking water treatment plant and explains EVERYTHING to you to preserve the water resources of Belle-île!

Seeing beauty

To do yourself good!

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