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Sunbathing on beaches

The beach is a living environment


Belle-Île has nearly 60 beautiful, undeveloped beaches: there are long fine sandy beaches and little coves all around its coast. The beach is a living environment that we should know and respect.



Three beaches are supervised from 1st of July to 31 August, every day from 1pm to 7 pm : Donnant, Herlin and Les Grands Sables.

Outside these times and on all other beaches on the island, bathing is not supervised and is at your own risk


Be sure to follow the rules for safe swimming and any warnings the lifesavers might issue:

• swim only in the specified areas

• do not swim in the channels, which are marked out by buoys and reserved for boats and jet skis

• do not play games on the beach that might be dangerous for other holidaymakers (kites, boomerangs, etc.), or make sure you stay well away from other people

• do not let your children play in inflatable boats without proper supervision, even in shallow water Remember that water toys, air mattresses and rubber rings are not boats.

• never go too far from the shore, especially when the wind is offshore, i.e. pushing you out to sea.

As a general rule, pay careful attention to the winds, tides and currents.


Rescue :

>> Donnant : 02 97 31 89 93
>> Herlin : 02 97 31 46 14
>> Grands Sables : 02 97 31 89 79
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