Changer De Rythme, Plage De Baluden, Bangor, Famille, Océan profiter de l'océan, Nature île photogénique, Plage partir à la plage, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanVenez à Baluden pour profiter d'une promenade au bord de l'eau et admirer la côte sauvage
©Venez à Baluden pour profiter d'une promenade au bord de l'eau et admirer la côte sauvage|Fabien Giordano
5 perfect beaches of Belle-îleFor families

Top 5 family beaches

With more than 50 beaches, Belle-Île offers a multitude of spots to enjoy the ocean. Fine sandy beaches, small coves hidden between the cliffs of the wild coast, large expanses of sand for a walk by the water! In Le Palais, Locmaria, Bangor, and Sauzon, here is our selection of the best beaches to enjoy a pleasant moment with your family.

#1 Bordardoué

A beautiful sandy beach near Le Palais

The largest sandy beach

From Le Palais

Easily accessible by road, you will find a large parking lot. As you jump into the water, you will be able to contemplate the rich marine life of Bellil: strawberry anemones, orange or yellow sponges, crabs, seaweed of all colors.. The most observant may have the chance to meet the cuttlefish which has the power to camouflage itself in the environment where it evolves. The one called “La Morgat” in Morbihan has a very particular way of swimming. She levitates above the sandy bottom like an underwater hovercraft straight out of a science fiction movie!

Bordardoué is also one of the best spots to observe the unique geology of Belle-île. On the cliffs lining the beach, rocks formed of tuffs and quartz, give them a colorful hue. In summer, the nature house organizes visits, games and animations on the beach to discover the secrets of the local fauna and flora.



In the summer, the Belle-île brewery, La Morgat, organizes free tours and tastings on Belle-île. A bar and a crepe maker are also present in the establishment. Near the beach you will also find the Belle Fontaine, one of the most impressive monuments of the Breton coast which can be visited for free.

#2 Grands Sables

More than 1.5 km of fine sand!

The largest sandy beach

Of Belle Isle!”

This beach seems to have been created by the swimming gods!” Grands Sables has all the conditions to enjoy a quiet moment by the water. Hidden from the west wind by the cliffs covered with high ferns and shrubs, the beach is exposed to the sun all day. The calm sea, will allow you to venture into the water without fear. The fine sand extends over 1.5 km and gives young and old a huge playground. Easy to access, you can reach Grands-Sables by the coastal road that connects Le Palais and Locmaria. A large parking lot is located right at the entrance of the beach.


Water activities

Of Great Sands

Grands Sables is the place to learn or improve water sports on Belle-île.


#3 Ster Vraz

The large sandy cove of Sauzon

A swimming spot

Sheltered and wild!

Surrounded by 20-meter high cliffs, the place is ideal for spending a relaxing day by the water, especially when the east wind makes an appearance! Ster Vraz is a 6-minute drive from the port of Sauzon. A small parking lot is located at the foot of the beach, and takes you directly to the sand and pebbles. At the back of Ster Vraz, a marsh formed by reeds and small trees borders the sand and provides a shady spot, which is especially nice on hot days in July/August. The cliffs form a natural protection against the waves, which makes swimming and bathing particularly easy. In summer, this beach is a superb spot for paddle and kayak. The mile deep creek offers a calm and safe playground for a walk on the waters! On good days, the waters of Ster Vraz are like a lake!

Restaurant, visits

Enjoy the wild coast in Sauzon

The afternoon is over, the children have had their fun. How about prolonging the pleasure on the coast of Sauzon around a good pizza? Only 5 minutes drive from Ster Vraz, the restaurant of the Golf of Belle-île, Bistrozza À l’Ouest ! offers pizzas made with local and original products! Pizza with Belle-île sausage or squid ink. And as a free extra: a breathtaking view of the cliffs of the wild coast and the Pointe des Poulains.

#4 Herlin Beach


Herlin Beach

A wild beach ideal for shore fishing

This is one of the largest beaches on the wild coast. In the hollow of the cliffs, the fine sand allows you to walk for a long time at the water’s edge and observe the numerous sea birds that populate the western coast of Belle-île: Great cormorants, gulls or seagulls. Also present on the site, ducks that live in the dune swamp behind the beach. Herlin is also an excellent spot for swimming. Indeed, its waters are among the warmest of Belle-île!

This is one of only two supervised beaches on Belle-île. Lifeguards are present from 1pm to 7pm in July-August.


In Herlin, big coefficients...

...Good picks!

During high tides, at low tide, it is possible to reach Baluden, the nearby beach. A vast expanse of fine sand is formed and offers a perfect exploration ground for children. Quartz and tuff pebbles in various colors and shapes litter the ground. Herlin is also one of the best spots on Belle-île for foot fishing. The caves lining the beach are populated with mussels, various shells and many crustaceans.

#5 Port Andro

A sheltered spot

Very close to Locmaria

A sandy beach

Enclosed by lush vegetation

At the foot of the verdant coastal path of Locmaria, this beautiful sandy beach is a wonderful spot for sunbathing. Its eastern orientation ensures excellent sunshine that lasts until late afternoon. Access to Port Andro is directly from the coastal road. It is a safe place for a little swim. The rugged terrain of Locmaria protects the beach perfectly from wind and waves. However, be careful, when the prevailing winds go south, waves come in on the beach. The sea then becomes a beautiful surf spot!

Want a nice view? By walking a few moments on the coastal path to the right of the beach, you will reach the Pointe de Kerdonis which is only 10 minutes walk away. A superb panorama of the coastline of southern Brittany awaits you. On good days, you can see the island of Hoëdic and the Loire estuary.

Discover Locmaria

An authentic village and a magnificent nature

Discovering local products, cycling, hiking, sheltered beaches … Our advice to enjoy Locmaria.

The different swimming spots

From Belle-Île

Extend your experience in Belle-Île