Nature - île photogénique, Océan - Profiter de l'Océan, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanL'hiver est la meilleure saison pour observer les tempêtes
©L'hiver est la meilleure saison pour observer les tempêtes|Fabien Giordano, Bellimages
5 spots to observe the oceanA stormy dayIn Belle-Île

The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, the wind is getting stronger and the sea is getting rougher! From the end of October, you will have the opportunity to admire the storms on the wild coast. Cliffs reaching 50 m, jagged coastline, or large sandy beach, here are the best spots to measure yourself against the elements and observe the wrath of Poseidon on Belle-île.

5 spots to watch the ocean on a stormy day

You were dreaming of this great iodine and freshness bath on the largest of the Breton islands?
Let’s face it, stormy days are not that frequent on Belle-île, the weather is very mild and clement as a rule.
This gives you the opportunity to admire the raging sea with its magnificent and bewitching rollers.
Position yourself safely and never at the edge of the cliffs, you will be able to take incredible pictures of the Pointe des Poulains at Sauzon, the Needles-of-Port-Coton to Bangor, from Donnant Beach and Kérel in Bangor, and the Pointe du Skeul in Locmaria.
So if you’re in Belle Isle on a stormy day, you’re lucky!


#1 La pointe des Poulains

A splendid panorama on the ocean

And the monuments of Bellville

The Breton etymology of the Pointe des Poulains, Poul Awen, means “hole with tumultuous waters“. The origin of this name takes on its full meaning on stormy days! When the waves crash against this wall created by Mother Nature, clouds of foam form in the rifts and mountains of water cover the meter-high rocks. The atypical geography of Les Poulains will make the moment even more magical. The northern tip of the island offers a unique view of the Morbihan coastline. On your right, you can see the Quiberon peninsula and in front of you, the island of Groix is revealed behind the waves and the foam. The point is an islet separated from the rest of Belle-île by a small beach where the foam comes to rest.

The beach of the Poulains is completely covered by the waters at high tide. In order to safely pass over the point, please check the tide schedules.

  • A walk from the port of Sauzon will allow you to reach the point by the coastal path in 1h30. This 5.5 km itinerary includes 150 m of difference in level. It will make you pass by small beaches well sheltered as Deuborh and Port Puce.
  • By bike, it will take you about 20 minutes by following the green route indicating the direction “pointe des Poulains”.
  • By car, follow the D25 to the Poulains parking lot. From Sauzon, count for a little ten minutes of travel.

The restaurant of the Sauzon golf course is one of the best places to taste the local products of Belle-Ile on a stormy day. The atypical and magnificent setting gives a sublime view of the north coast of Belle-île

Visits: The monuments and museums of the Poulains will offer shelter to those who dare to brave the weather

#2 The needles of Port Coton

Follow the brushstrokes of Monet

From the cliffs of Bangor

At the forefront! Port-Coton is one of the Breton spots where the fury of the Atlantic is most violent. The swell coming from the west travels hundreds of kilometers without encountering the slightest obstacle. Waves of several meters come to hit the Agulhas head on. Perched about thirty meters above sea level, you will see a sea bubbling with foam for miles around.

Port Coton

And Claude Monet

Photography enthusiasts will undoubtedly find some great images. In fact, the Needles inspired one of France’s greatest artists, Claude Monet. He made a stopover a few blocks from the Needles of Port Coton in the small village of Kervilahouen. The leader of the impressionist movement was transcended by the jagged landscapes of the wild coast. In a letter to his friend Gustave Caillebotte, he wrote: “I am in a superb country of savagery, a terrible pile of rocks and an improbable sea of colors

And Monet does not exaggerate. He painted 39 canvases during his stay!

  • By car, take the direction of the crossroads of the axis Sauzon/Locmaria ( D25) and Le Palais-Port Coton (D190), then follow the sign “Aiguilles de Port Coton.”
  • By bike: From Sauzon, take the green route towards Bangor. At the village of Ty-Néhué, turn right and join the red route. At the crossroads with the D190 turn right and go to the Aiguilles parking lot. From Le Palais, follow the green route to Bangor. Then take the red circuit to the village of Kervilahouen and the D190 turn left at the intersection with the D25 and go to the parking Port Coton.

Recover from your emotions with a gourmet and cultural at the literary cafe la veilleuse. The establishment located in the town of Bangor offers hot drinks, wine, Breton beers, wines, sweet or savory cakes.

#3 Giving

Waves as far as the eye can see

On a unique natural site in Brittany

The cliffs surrounding the largest sandy beach of the wild coast will give you a breathtaking view. The swell spreads harmoniously over several hundred meters and comes to crash on the fine sand. Access to these observation points is easy with a car. The parking lots of Anter in the north and Donnant in the south will allow you to contemplate the ocean and the rocky plateau. A last spot is offered to you to admire the show, the dunes of Donnant! The coastal path passes on the top of the dunes. On this mountain of sand, a clear view of the ocean is revealed. Indeed, the dunes of Donnant peak at about twenty meters high and are among the highest in Brittany!

One of the best surf spots

From the region

With 200 days of surfing per year, Donnant is one of the best spots in Brittany. Fall and winter are particularly good seasons for surfing. The waves grow and deepen offering excellent conditions for experienced surfers.

  • By car,from Sauzon, turn right at the menhir and head for the Anter parking lot. From Bangor, take the D190 and head towards the hamlet petit cosquet. Then take the small road on your right which is just before the restaurant la Désirade, cross the village of Donnant and park at the parking lot located a few hundred meters away.
  • By bike from Sauzon follow the purple route. A 6 km route will lead you to the village of Anter. From Bangor, the red route will take you to the parking lot of the village of Donnant in 15 minutes.

Learn to surf under the eye of experts during the All Saints’ vacation two schools offer surfing lessons on the beach:

#4 Kérel

A hidden beach

In the heart of the wild coast

More sheltered than the other spots mentioned, this sandy beach nestled between the steep cliffs of Bangor’s coastline serves as a refuge for sailors fleeing bad weather when the sea is rough to the east. When the ocean unleashes its fury on the coastline, those who dare to venture onto the wild coastline will enjoy sublime scenery. Waves crash into the cove and roll in as you approach the shore. The steep coastal path provides a multitude of vantage points for viewing Bangor’s varied coastline. Moors, meadows, and valleys, you’ll switch from one environment to another in a few minutes of walking!

Open all year round, it is the largest farmers’ market on Belle-Île.

  • You will find all the fresh local products: cheeses, cookies and Breton cakes, oysters, fish or fruits and vegetables.
  • It is also possible to buy t shirt, sweater or paintings with the effigy of Belle-île with local artisans.

All the information on local markets and products

  • By Bike Head to Bangor and take the red route. At the village of Bordelouet, take the small dirt road that will lead you to the parking lot of Kérel beach. Leave your bikes there and continue on foot to the beach.
  • By car, direction Bangor, and take the direction of the campsite “Le Kernest”. Turn on your left, and follow the small road to the parking lot of the beach Kérel.
#5 La pointe du Skeul

Head for Locmaria to observe the ocean

From the highest cliffs of Belle-île

Stormy day, day of conquest! Set out to conquer the highest peaks in Bellon. The Pointe du Skeul culminates at 50 m above sea level. This imposing relief will give you a breathtaking view of the ocean and the hilly coastline. And it is not only the ocean that is magnificent in Locmaria! As you walk along the coastal path, you can admire the beautiful countryside of the south of the island. The coastal trail and paths are lined with tall grasses up to 2 m high. The fields populated with lambs and sheep are a reminder of the importance of agriculture on Belle-île. Fed only with products from the farm, and peacefully gamboling for several weeks in the fields near the coast, the Belle-île lamb is a meat of exceptional quality.


  • By bike. From Le Palais, the green route towards Locmaria will take you to the Skeul in 11.5 km. From the town of Bangor, the Bangor-Locmaria route will take you to the Skeul in 10 km
  • By car. Take the D25 towards Locmaria. Shortly before you enter the town, turn right at the sign “pointe du Skeul”. A path of .. will lead you to the parking Skeul.

Tired of the wind, rain and cold? Go to the charming little town of Locmaria to refuel with vitamins! You’ll find an oyster bar run by Belle-île’s oyster farmer, les huîtres de Cochennec. The restaurant is open year-round from 10am to 2pm.