Randonner -autour de l'île, Océan - Profiter de l'Océan, Nature - île photogénique, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du Morbihan
©Aiguilles de Port Coton|©Karine Piquet

On foot and by bike: in the footsteps of Claude Monet on Belle-île

Art lovers and lovers of wide open spaces, here are two walks, one on foot, the other by bike, which allow you to leave in the footsteps of Claude Monet. During his stay on Belle-île, from September to November 1886, the famous painter criss-crossed the wild coast, between Les Aiguilles de Port Coton and Domois. He tirelessly painted his landscapes of fascinating beauty…which more than 200 years later still produce the same effect!


By bike, starting from Le Palais

Cap on Claude Monet’s Wild Coast

The painter Claude Monet revealed, in a few famous paintings, the fascinating beauty of the jagged rocks of the Needles of Port Coton. Their name comes from the whipped foam, which in heavy weather forms large, foamy cotton-like flakes.

On a 75-day stopover on Belle-île, from September to November 1886, Monet experienced precisely the heavy weather! The wild coastline offers in winter breathtaking landscapes, with lights of multiple variations…Subjected to changing weather conditions, the painter adapted his method leading him to work in famous “series”…

With this circuit of about 30 km, starting from The Palace, go, you too, to the assault of Port Coton! Along the way, you will also discover Bangor, one of the 4 communes of the island, founded in the 6th century by monks from across the Channel, and the Grand Phare, built according to Fresnel’s plans and entered service in 1836.

Loop tour of 30 km, count about 1/2 day. Food and refreshments: in Le Palais, Bangor and in the village of Kervilahouen (a stone’s throw from Grand Phare and the Aiguilles de Port Coton).


Check out the detailed route sheet or download the PDF.

Histoire - Patrimoine bâti, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du Morbihan
©Autoportrait de Claude Monet datant de 1886.

I am in a superb country of savagery, a heap of terrible rocks and an improbable sea of colors

Claude Monet (1886)

Discovering the most beautiful landscapes of the island

In the footsteps of the “Prince of Impressionists”

Originally, Claude Monet planned “a tour of Brittany, cane in hand“, including a fortnight on Belle-île. In the end, Brittany was to be reduced to Belle-île, itself reduced to a small part of the wild coast! He arrived on September 12, 1886 and left on November 25, 75 days later.

Working relentlessly, 39 paintings were born from his brushes in 10 weeks. Among his 39 canvases, some are part of the collections of the most prestigious museums…As you walk through these emblematic places from the tip of the Talut to the Lion rocks through the needles of Port Coton, discover each place where the painter tirelessly put down his easel to deliver us paintings counting among the most beautiful of the French pictorial heritage.

Circuit of about 11 km. Food and refreshments: Le Kervi, near Grand Phare and the Aiguilles de Port Coton, a warm address where you will find a restaurant and a grocery store.


Check out the detailed route sheet.