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Les îles du Ponant

On the side where the sun sets, France breaks down into a myriad of little islands, bathed by the English Channel or the Atlantic Ocean. Fifteen of these islands – the Iles du Ponant - are inhabited by permanent residents.

These are exceptional, fragile, many-faceted lands, sometimes harsh, sometimes welcoming; sometimes stern, sometimes sunny; sometimes close, sometimes distant. Mysterious islands, treasure islands, they are all different, but all islands.

Microcosms isolated in the middle of the water like signs in the immensity of the sea, they contain sites of exceptional beauty and purity, and are home to a distinctive way of life, steeped in the timeless culture of the sea. They will happily share it with you, in the warm, friendly manner of island people.

These legendary, enchanting havens are all accessible by boat in less than an hour and a half, or by plane in a matter of minutes. Whatever the season, each of these islands is a guaranteed escape. So… treat yourself to a getaway!

In autumn, the islands enjoy a lingering mildness, long after the mainland. Winter puts on a great show: the sea in perpetual motion. In spring, the islands are covered with flowers and make your head spin with their colours and scents.

And if they are so popular with young and old alike, it is because, on an island, all roads lead to the sea….


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Association des Iles du Ponant
21 rue du Chateau
56400 AURAY
02 97 56 52 57
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