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An incredible fauna and flora

The natural areas on Belle-Ile-en-Mer are particularly rich, as shown by the many protective measures in force there. Rare, protected ecosystems dot the entire island: grey and shifting dunes, coastal moors and moors with Cornish heath (typical of insular environments), cliff-top sward and plants that grow in cracks.

These environments are home to a wide variety of rare species. Many plants are protected, such as the Plantago holosteum plantain (regional protection), Gadeceau’s carrot (national protection), the various species of orchid (national protection) and Godron’s dodder (Cuscuta planiflora subsp. Godronii) (indigenous – national protection).

Not only plants but also animals need protection. The most representative examples of these are the breeding birds. However we should not forget amphibians (e.g. green lizard, protected throughout Europe), butterflies and other, lesser-known species.

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