Randonner -autour de l'île, Nature - île photogénique, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanLe sentier côtier proche de Sauzon vous dévoilera des sites spectaculaires, comme l'anse de Ster-Ouen qui fait office d'abris pour les voiliers
©Randonneur au niveau de l'anse de Ster Ouen à Sauzon|©Karine Piquet

Itinerant or star trekking?


Both modes of hiking have their own charm and strengths.

While hiking requires good organization beforehand, especially in the choice of your accommodations (and therefore your stops), it will allow you to discover a different atmosphere of the island every night!

The star trekking is the easiest solution for the followers of “turnkey” stays: an accommodation that you will be happy to find each evening, and transfers to plan each day on the departure and arrival places of the hikes!




Road trip:

Meetings and every night a different atmosphere!

Outside of high traffic periods, you will easily find accommodations ready to host you for 1 night. Remember to set up your hiking schedule carefully and book your overnight stays at each stage.

Petit plus: in Belle-île, some accommodations are labeled Étape Rando Bretagne. These establishments are located near the coastal path (less than two kilometers) and are committed to offering facilities and services suitable for hikers.

To hike lighter, you can call on our partners for the possible transfer of your luggage along the trail: La Bagagerie de Belle-île, Enezia, Les Cars Bleus.

And why not a guide accompanistjust for you and reveal the secrets of belle-île?

The accommodations

Label Étape Rando Bretagne

Star Hike

Effort…and comfort!”

Star hiking is a little different and requires a little less organization! You set up your base camp at a location on the island, in the establishment of your choice (hotels, B&Bs, lodging etc..). A majority of the accommodations, including Étape Rando Bretagne, will offer you all-inclusive Pack Rando stays with a round-trip luggage transport service, appropriate catering, as well as transfers every day to the departure and arrival points of your hikes!

From April to November, you can also use the Belle Ile Bus public transportation network to get you to and from your stay!

What about the bivouac?

Like 2% of the national territory, Belle-île is on half of its surface classified as a landscape of national interest since 1976!

This regulation, in addition to the coastal law, generates the prohibition of camping on public or private land. Only the night bivouac is tolerated, from 19:30, without installation, and as long as no trace of camping remains at 09:00.

Very few places on Belle-île, are sheltered from the wind. Bivouac there is therefore not recommended if the weather is not favorable because the winds can be dangerous! Another point that makes bivouac complicated is the scarcity of water points: there are no (or few) water sources along the GR®340 trail and only possibilities to refuel in the 4 communes.

Extend your experience on Belle-Île