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©Sur la côte ouest, les chèvres sauvages au bord de l'océan|©Karine Piquet

Unique natural sites

The natural wealth of Belle-Île offers magnificent landscapes that are easy to access. Large sandy beaches, small creeks nestled between cliffs, jagged rocks falling into the ocean, or coastal moors teeming with life… You will be able to admire during your stay some of the most beautiful landscapes of Brittany.

The main natural sites of the island

A small but not exhaustive list!

La Pointe des Poulains

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sites on the island…Located at the northeastern tip, in the commune of Sauzon, nature is omni- present. This natural site has the particularity of also sheltering a high place of the historical heritage of the island with the fort of the tragedian Sarah Bernhardt.

Les Aiguilles de Port Coton

Located due west, on the commune of Bangor, the site allows you to take the measure of the sinuosity and the character so particular of the wild coast. Islands and rocks of all shapes have always fascinated many travelers, the most illustrious of whom is undoubtedly the painter Claude Monet. Before or after your walk to the Aiguilles de Port Coton, discover the Grand Phare de l’île, a stone’s throw away.

The port of Sauzon

If it is always pleasant to stroll along the quays of the port of Sauzon, this one shelters another particularity to discover: its long ria, this stretch of sea penetrating inland. During high tides, put on your boots to discover the worms, shells, crustaceans and many other species that hide in the mud.

Donnant Beach

While this beach is well known among surfers for its beautiful rollers, Donnant Beach is also characterized by its dune, one of the most spectacular on the island! The dunes cover about sixty hectares on Belle-île and are home to a very wide variety of plants, sometimes rare and all adapted to the drought.

Activity Ideas

To enjoy nature

In any season

The diversity of landscapes of Belle-île makes each season unique. The summer sun will illuminate your walks on the sea or your stay at the beach. In spring, the moorland is covered with flowers and will give a colorful atmosphere to your walks. In autumn, the mild climate and the magnificent Belle-île en Trail race will offer runners an ideal setting for a sporting stay. In winter, waves several meters high crash on the west coast of Belle-île. From the wild coast, a multitude of spots will reveal you unique points of view to admire the fury of the ocean.

Local initiativesto protect and enhance the environment

Did you know that natural environments cover 55% of the island’s surface? This is an opportunity but also a responsibility for each of us. In Belle-île, men and women mobilize their energy daily to preserve these natural riches, our fauna and flora unique on a national and European scale.

To fully enjoy these natural areas on land and sea, trust the leisure professionals committed to a local charter “Engaged by Nature”. The objective: to observe practices that respect natural environments and pass them on to visitors.

Your stopover will therefore be an opportunity to explore Nature, to discover preserved natural sites and this, in a fun way…and committed! Learn more about the charter “Engaged by Nature”.

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