Changer de rythme - déplacement doux, déconnexion, tranquilité, Nature - île photogénique, Océan - Profiter de l'Océan, Plages - Partir à la plage, Belle île en mer, île de Bretagne, Bretagne sud, au large du Golfe du MorbihanLa plage de Donnant est la plus grande étendue de sable sur la côte sauvage. C'est un site spectaculaire où vous pourrez notamment observer les dunes de Donnant qui sont parmi les plus hautes de Bretagne
©La plage de Donnant est la plus grande étendue de sable sur la côte sauvage. C'est un site spectaculaire où vous pourrez notamment observer les dunes de Donnant qui sont parmi les plus hautes de Bretagne|Fabien Giordano, Bellimages

3 Beaches to watch the sunset

In Belle-Île-en-mer

To enjoy the sunset on Belle-Île, there is nothing better than a trip to the beaches of the wild coast. The preserved nature of the coastline will allow you to observe breathtaking landscapes in any season: cliffs of several tens of meters that fall into the sea, unobstructed views of the ocean, huge waves that crash against the shore.

#1 Ster Vraz

An accessible sheltered beach

From Sauzon

This large cove protected from the wind is one of the most photogenic places on the island. The natural wealth of Ster Vraz will give your images a unique atmosphere. High cliffs encircle the beach and give a magnificent perspective on the cove and the neighboring moor especially in spring. At this period, the coastline is completely covered with yellow with the blooming of gorse flowers, an endemic flower of Belle-île. The geology of the place is also remarkable. The beach is formed by a mixture of sand and quartz pebbles. It is also the ideal place to watch the sailboats. Ster Vraz forms with its neighboring cove of Ster Ouen a natural harbor where ships come to spend the night.

A hike to discover

the most beautiful sites of Belle-île

What could be better than a hike with friends to spend a good evening? Starting from the port of Sauzon, a 10 km itinerary will lead you to Ster Vraz in 2h30. This walk does not have any particular difficulty. It will take you through the Pointe des Poulains, where a spectacular panorama of the ocean and the wild coast awaits you. The monuments of the sites to visit imperatively!

By bike or by car, follow the road towards the apothecary. Turn on your right at the sign indicating: beach of Ster Vraz.

By bus, Line 1 which operates in mid-season, and line 4 a the summer will take you to the Kerguerc’h stop located 20 minutes walk from the beach.

The plus of this walk, the dinner break on the wild coast!” At the golf des Poulains 2 km from Ster Vraz, the Bistrozza restaurant to the west offers an exceptional setting. The rooftop gives a breathtaking view of the Ocean and the coastal path. On the menu: burgers, tapas and pizza cooked with local products.

On the port of Sauzon, the Vival grocery store is open all year round. You will find all the ingredients to prepare a delicious and balanced picnic. The establishment sells many products from Belle-Île: cheeses, cakes, honey, fruits and vegetables. In season, you will have the possibility to take away pancakes, galettes and organic waffles at the ice cream parlour l’herminoise.

#2 Baluden

A small sandy beach

In the heart of the wild coast

This sandy cove will offer a magical atmosphere to those who dare to venture out on the steep paths of the Bangor Coastal Trail. Access to the beach is via a parking lot located a 5 minute walk away. You then take a path that leads you to a meadow where you can contemplate the flora of Belle-Ile. At the end of the path, the beach is revealed with its dune, its fine sand and its cliffs which rise about fifteen meters above the ocean.

On the beach, you can discover the unique and preserved environment of the wild coast. Small caves line both sides of the beach. Fine sand covers the whole beach and makes walking along the waterfront very pleasant. At low tide during the high coefficients, you can reach Herlin a nearby beach. Baluden is also one of the best swimming spots in summer. The waters of this cove are among the warmest on Belle-île.

  • By bike, the green route towards Locmaria. In the village of Herlin, turn on your right towards Baluden, a dirt road will lead you to the parking lot of the beach of Baluden in 5 minutes.
  • By car, take the D25 and take the small road going towards the village of Herlin. Then follow the small road towards Baluden.
  • With the bus in summer take the line 4 and get off at the stop Herlin it will then take you 30 minutes walk to reach the beach.

Starting from Baluden, a 8 km loop walk is listed. You will find it with 17 other routes in the walking guide available at the tourist office of Le Palais. Our advice for exploring the paths of Belle-île by running or walking :

Night tours of the Grand Phare of Belle-île are available. A climb of 247 steps will take you 92 meters above sea level! The monument also houses a museum dedicated to the history of lighthouses.

#3 Giving

A protected natural area

Unique in Brittany

The largest beach on the wild coast seems to have been built to watch the sunset! The surrounding relief gives various points of observation. Two rocky plateaus : Anter in the north, and the one of the village of Donnant on the south side, offer a splendid panorama on the Ocean, the beach and its dunes which are among the highest in Brittany ! You will be able to climb the dunes and after a slippery and fun climb on the fine sand, enjoy a view facing the Ocean!

A surfing beach

and swimming!

This is the best oriented spot on the Island for surfing. There are 200 days of surfing per year! You will see almost every day surfers and body surfers take off waves that can sometimes reach 3 m high! It will be possible for you to discover surfing or to improve your skills. On the beach, two schools offer courses for adults and children. Equipment rental is also possible.:

Donnant is also a family-friendly place to swim in the summer. Lifeguards at sea monitor the beach in July and August.

In the village of Anter, which is a short walk from the beach, the Blue Pony Equestrian Center offers horseback riding around the paths and coastal trail that are close to Donnant.

Want to spend a sporty stay on the water? The beaches of the island, many activities will allow you to enjoy the sea :

  • With the car from Sauzon, turn right at the menhir and head to the parking lot of Anter. From Bangor, take the D190 and head towards the hamlet petit cosquet. Then take the small road on your right which is just before the restaurant la Désirade.
  • By bus, you can go to Donnant from the bus station of Le Palais with the line 2 which operates in mid-season and in summer. Another option, the line 4 from the Pointe des Poulains and the 4 b from Locmaria allow to reach the beach in summer only.
  • By bike from Sauzon follow the purple route. A 6 km route will lead you to the village of Anter. From Bangor, the red route will take you to the parking lot of the village of Donnant in 15 minutes.
Activities and leisure

To spend, to go out, to eat!

Before or after the beach

Water activities, restaurants and bars, our good plans to keep you busy before and after your trip to the beach.