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Iliens: the company that sets sail!

Embark for Belle-île and travel responsibly with Iliens, a regular maritime link with low environmental impact, by sailing boat. From Quiberon to the ports of Le Palais and Sauzon.


Travel responsibly with the new company Iliens, which provides a regular maritime service with low environmental impact by sailboat!

From April to October, you embark on board a comfortable, fast and safe catamaran departing from Quiberon for Belle-Ile-en-Mer! The crossing takes 1h30 during which the skippers will introduce you to the riches of the island’s marine protected area.

As a bonus for foodies: a tasting of local products will be offered!

We like Iliens

During the crossing aboard a sailboat with a capacity of 69 passengers, you will discover the jewels of the marine environment through educational visuals of awareness of the fauna and flora displayed, while having the opportunity to taste local products.

Good to know

In April, May, June, September and October, the lliens provide crossings 4 days / 7 with two departures from Quiberon and two departures from Belle-île.

The sails are systematically hoisted and depending on the available wind, the propulsion is ensured with the help of a motor in order to respect the planned crossing times. Luggage is stored in the holds in a dry place. Bicycles and trailers are accepted within the limits of available places and upon reservation.

Feeling seasick? No need to panic! A catamaran sails flat, so stability is assured. There is no heeling, no rolling, so passengers travel in complete safety and serenity! And don’t forget the rule, well known to sailors, of the 4Fs: Cold, Hunger, Chill and Fatigue. Travel warm, with a full stomach, rested and if a little chill remains, ask your skipper, he is there for you!
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