Where to park your car?

You are leaving for Belle-île from Port Navalo, and you don’t know what to do with your vehicle? The city offers many parking lots, near the ferry terminal.

L'embarcadère de Port Navalo - Presqu'île de RhuysOrganiser Venir En Bateau Port Navalo Printemps été Automne ©marc Schaffner Morbihan Tourisme
©Embarquez pour Belle-île au départ de Port-Navalo, d'avril à septembre ©Marc Schaffner Morbihan Tourisme|©Marc Schaffner Morbihan Tourisme

If you embark for Belle-île-en-Mer from Port Navalo, there is no lack of parking solutions.

Near the Port Navalo ferry terminal, where ticket collection and boarding take place, you will find 3 parking lots:

  • Parking near the pier (paying in July and August).
  • Parking next to the cinema “ La Locomotive ” located at 500 m (paying in July and August)
  • Free parking “Aire du Sanso“, located at the entrance of Arzon (free shuttle service only in July and August).

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The Informed Council

Parking is free, with no time limit!