To reach Port Navalo by car, train, bus, plane

Want to reach Belle-Île from Port Navalo? Find out how to get there easily!

Organiser Venir En Bateau Vannes Golfe Printemps été Automne ©loic KersuzanOrganiser Venir En Bateau Vannes Golfe Printemps été Automne ©loic Kersuzan
©La traversée au départ de Vannes, c'est aussi profiter d'une croisière dans le Golfe du Morbihan (Chapelle de Boëdic) ©Loic Kersuzan|©Loic Kersuzan

Want to reach Belle-Île from Port Navalo?

Located at the tip of the Rhuys peninsula, 5 km from Port Crouesty, Port-Navalo is the gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan. Located on the commune of Arzon, Port-Navalo is a traditional port full of charm. Discover how to get there easily !

By road !

To reach Port Navalo by road, there are several free expressways from Nantes, Rennes, Quimper and Brest.

  • Distances from the main cities in Brittany:

Vannes – Port Navalo : 35 km

Nantes – Port Navalo : 122 km

Rennes – Port Navalo: 141 km

Quimper – Port Navalo: 155 km

Brest – Port Navalo: 221 km

  • By freeways, from the main cities of France:

Rouen – Port Navalo : 451 km
Orleans – Port Navalo: 424 km
Bordeaux – Port Navalo: 451 km
Paris – Port Navalo: 490 km
Lille – Port Navalo: 704 km
Toulouse – Port Navalo: 688 km
Dijon – Port Navalo: 729 km
Lyon – Port Navalo: 799 km
Strasbourg – Port Navalo: 971 km
Marseille – Port Navalo: 1089 km

By Train!
TGV Paris-Montparnasse/Vannes : 3h15 (10 daily connections)
Toulouse/Vannes via Bordeaux or Paris : 9h50 (2 daily connections)
Lyon/Vannes via Rennes or Paris : 7h10 (3 daily connections)

All schedules:

By bus !

To reach Port Navalo from the bus station (SNCF) of Vannes, you can use the urban transport network Kicéo which serves Vannes and its agglomeration by taking the line 24 Kicéo – Golfe du Morbihan Vannes Agglomeration towards Arzon.

The shipping companies are served by:

Line 24, bus stop: ” Port Navalo Cinéma ”

To know, the most suitable bus line from your point of departure as well as the schedules, consult the site or call 02 97 01 22 10 .