To reach Locmariacquer by car, train, bus, plane

Want to go to Belle-Île from Locmariaquer? Find out how to get there easily !

Au départ de Locmariaquer, à proximité de la Trinité-sur-MerOrganiser Venir En Bateau Locmariaquer été ©loic Kersuzan Morbihan Tourisme
©En juillet et août, embarquez au départ de Locmariaquer à destination de Belle-île ! ©Loic Kersuzan Morbihan Tourisme|©Loic Kersuzan Morbihan Tourisme

Want to reach Belle-Île from Locmariaquer?

Locmariaquer is a Breton village with a charming little port located between the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan and the Bay of Quiberon, facing Port-Navalo. On the land side, its rich heritage is due to the exceptional presence of a set of megaliths, the most famous of which is the dolmen of the Table des Marchands. On the sea side, oysters make Locmariaquer the cradle of the flat oyster since antiquity. Discover how to get there easily!

By road!
To reach Locmariaquer by road, there are several free expressways from Nantes, Rennes, Quimper and Brest.

Distances from the main cities in Brittany:

Vannes – Locmariaquer: 31 km

Nantes – Locmariaquer : 141 km

Rennes – Locmariaquer : 141 km

Quimper – Locmariaquer : 114 km

Brest – Locmariaquer : 180 km


By freeways, from the main cities of France:

Rouen – Locmariaquer : 451 km
Orleans – Locmariaquer : 443 km
Bordeaux – Locmariaquer: 443 km
Paris – Locmariaquer: 490 km
Lille – Locmariaquer: 704 km
Toulouse – Locmariaquer: 706 km
Dijon – Locmariaquer: 760 km
Lyon – Locmariaquer: 818 km
Strasbourg – Locmariaquer: 971 km
Marseille – Locmariaquer: 1108 km


By Train !
TGV Paris-Montparnasse/Auray : 2h40 (10 daily connections)
Toulouse/Vannes via Bordeaux or Paris : 8h16 (2 daily connections)
Lyon/Auray via Paris : 5h40 (3 daily connections)

All schedules:

By bus !

To get closer to Locmariaqueur from the bus station (SNCF) of Auray, you can use the MobiBreizh network by taking the line 1 towards Quiberon. The line 1, bus stop : ” Saint Philibert “.

To know the most suitable bus line from your point of departure as well as the timetable, consult the website or call 0800 01 01 56 .