To reach Le Croisic/La Turballe by car, train, bus or plane

Want to go to Belle-Île from Le Croisic/La Turballe? Find out how to get there easily !

Embarcadère Le Croisic - Loire Atlantique
©En juillet et août, embarquez pour Belle-île-en-Mer au départ de Le Croisic et La Turballe ©Emmanuel Berthier|©Emmanuel Berthier

Want to reach Belle-Île from Le Croisic or La Turballe?

Located on the Côte d’Amour, Le Croisic, a small port of character, is the first port of pink shrimp in France. It has kept its Breton character. Located on the coast of the Loire-Atlantique, La Turballe is part of the traditional country of Briere. Important fishing port, first of Loire-Atlantique, La Turballe is located in the peninsula of Guérande, famous for its salt marshes.

About thirty kilometers from Saint-Nazaire and fifteen kilometers from the bay of La Baule, La Turballe attracts more and more visitors every year, thanks in particular to its long sandy beach, called the Grande-Falaise, as well as its salt marshes. Discover how to get there easily!

By the way!

  • Distances from major cities in Brittany:

Le Croisic

Vannes – Le Croisic: 80 km
Rennes – Le Croisic: 152 km
Quimper – Le Croisic: 200 km
Brest – Le Croisic: 265 km

La Turballe

Vannes – La Turballe: 70 km

Rennes – La Turballe: 123 km
Quimper – La Turballe: 191 km
Brest – La Turballe: 257 km

  • By freeway, from the main cities of France:

Le Croisic

Nantes – Le Croisic: 89 km

Rouen – Le Croisic: 467 km
Orleans – Le Croisic: 390 km
Bordeaux – Le Croisic: 416 km
Paris – Le Croisic: 464 km
Lille – Le Croisic: 681 km
Toulouse – Le Croisic: 653 km
Dijon – Le Croisic: 696 km
Lyon – Le Croisic: 739 km
Strasbourg – Le Croisic: 944 km
Marseille – Le Croisic: 1056 km

La Turballe

Nantes – La Turballe: 85 km

Rouen – La Turballe: 435 km
Orleans – La Turballe: 387 km
Bordeaux – La Turballe: 4114 km
Paris – La Turballe: 460 km
Lille – La Turballe: 678 km
Toulouse – La Turballe: 651 km
Dijon – La Turballe: 693 km
Lyon – La Turballe: 763 km
Strasbourg – La Turballe: 941 km
Marseille – La Turballe: 1053 km

By Train!
TGV Paris-Montparnasse/Le Croisic via Nantes : 3h13
Toulouse/Le Croisic via Bordeaux or Paris : 8h30
Lyon/Le Croisic : 5h30

All schedules:

By bus !

To reach Le Croisic from Guérande, you can use the Lila Presquile network, transport network of the Presqu’île de Guérande by taking line 5 to Le Croisic. Line 1, bus stop : ” Océarium Le Croisic “.

To know, the most suitable bus line from your point of departure as well as the timetable, consult the site or call 02 40 620 620.