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Contes de l'usage du monde : Une forêt de contes

Local event in Le Palais
  • Young or old trees are covered with the sap of old or new tales. They feel, they live, they communicate with each other and with those who know how to listen. Their foliage whispers the stories of ancient forests, their trunks crack and their voices release their secrets. With Muriel, Catherine, Agnès, Clémence. Meet at 8 p.m. above Ramonette beach. For children aged 6 to 106 / prices: €7 for adults, €6 for children. Mint tea offered. Reservation: 07 83 56 11 46
  • Rates
  • Adult
    7 €
  • Other
    6 €
  • On July 18, 2024 at 8:00 PM