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Guillaume Février

Engineer at the service of the Belle-Île charm

Guillaume Février is Director of the Centre Permanent d’Initiatives à l’Environnement (CPIE) / Maison de la Nature, since 2007. An agricultural engineer by training, he is in charge of several environmental projects related to health, and provides training.

Guillaume Février

Coming from the continent, he arrived on the island 18 years ago... To never leave.

He likes
  • Bicycles for the ecology
  • Its territory
  • Reduce your waste to protect Belle-Île

Would you please introduce yourself?

I was born in Vannes in 1978 and I’ve grown up in the countryside between Vannes and Auray. My playground was the Morbihan: Gulf, Atlantic and inland. I followed a course of study in agronomy at the Agrocampus de Rennes; I am therefore basically an agricultural engineer specializing in the preservation and development of natural environments.


After an internship in Bordeaux, I fulfilled a 1st contract at INRA in Ille et Vilaine around the links between agricultural practices and biodiversity, then I arrived in Belle-Ile.

How did you become a full-fledged resident?

During a school trip in high school, in tenth grade, I set foot on Belle-Île for the first time. It seemed to me to be a very different place from the mainland Morbihan that I knew well, which seduced me.

Then I applied for an offer, and I was selected at the Maison de la Nature. At first, I didn’t think I would be there for so long… And now, I’ve been there for 18 years.



What do you like best about Belle-Île?

I especially like to hear the horn of the boat entering the port, in Palais. And I’ve got my own little secret place: a cove, on the commune of Sauzon, whose initials are K.F… It’s up to you to discover it!

Belle-Ile is a true cocoon! Its nature, full, powerful and safeguarded, makes it an absolute gem. Far from a certain form of continental or urban frenzy, Belle-Ile soothes. But be careful not to go round in circles! Being able to escape from time to time makes it easier to return.

What is your daily “eco-gesture” to preserve Belle-Île?

Try again and again to reduce the waste I produce as much as possible. We all need to be more efficient on this major issue.

What tip do you think is best for enjoying Belle-Ile?

Use the bicycle! We must limit motor vehicles as much as possible, otherwise Belle-Ile loses its charm… which has already started a bit in the heart of summer, I think…

Your advice, to visitors of a day as well as those of a lifetime?

For those of us in the future, I will tell them: “Only take pictures, only leave footprints!” . It’s a slogan I first saw in the United States, and it applies well here. If you come, walk this rock with all the respect it deserves!

For those of a lifetime, it would be: Take advantage of the many, many associations present on the island… And don’t hesitate to get involved!

What is your favorite month?

Tough question… I would say January for its silence and the show at the coast…

And June for aperitifs at Donnant, of course!

Guillaume's opinion

To the islanders, secondary residents or visitors passing through, I have only one piece of advice: go through the doors of the CPIE/Maison de La Nature, open all year round. You will discover a completely different face of the island, with an unsuspected richness! Meetings, walks, forums…The association regularly organizes animations on the theme of water, waste as well as nature outings. In short, an essential local actor to make us aware of the beauty but also the fragility of our island.

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