Les Aiguilles de Port Coton au coucher de soleilPort Coton est l'un des meilleurs sites pour observer le soleil couchant
©Port Coton est l'un des meilleurs sites pour observer le soleil couchant|Fabien Giordano, Bellimages
Admire the Needles of Port Coton

TOP 3 magical moments not to be missed

under no circumstances!

A must-see site on Belle-Ile, the Aiguilles de Port Coton, immortalized by the painter Claude Monet, are among the most beautiful spots on the wild coast. Whatever the season, the spectacular images are there. Whether the sea is calm or rough, discover our 3 tips to make your stay in Port Coton unforgettable!

When the sun rises

Quiet in the morning

At first light, as nature awakens, Port Coton is filled with serenity. At this time of the day, there is less traffic, so you can enjoy the many views that the site offers in peace! The remains of the Atlantic Wall are cut out in the dawn and from there you will enjoy a clear view of the ocean and the wild coast. The guarantee of pretty pictures, in an out-of-time atmosphere.

And because the future belongs to those who get up early…

From the Aiguilles de Port Coton, set out to discover the surrounding Natura 2 000 sites, including the dunes of Donnant counting among the highest in Brittany. A loop hike will allow you to join the Grand Phare … The most courageous can climb the 247 steps and offer the most breathtaking view of Belle-Île!

And for those who would like to add a gourmet touch to their morning, we recommend two addresses nearby: the restaurant of the hotel Le Grand Large where you will be served a full breakfast and the grocery store Le Kervi which offers one of the best Breton cakes on the island, for a tasting on the go!

Ideas for walks and hikes!

Confirmed walker or beginner, find all our routes with the guide of hiking, on sale 5€ at the tourist office!

At the end of the day

Magic sunset

The Aiguilles de Port Coton are among the best places to assist to the sunset on Belle-Ile. With its high cliffs, huge shadows are formed on the rugged relief of the coastline. The unobstructed view on the ocean will perhaps allow you to see the famous green ray on sunny days!

Port Coton is also a perfect place to have a picnic break in front of the setting sun! Sit back and enjoy the multiple vantage points surrounding the Agulhas.

An idea to end the evening on a high note

During the school vacations, Grand Phare opens its doors to you at nightfall…In the company of a guide, set off to climb this stone sentinel and witness the lighting of the lantern..magical!


In the heart of the storm

Spectacle and thrills guaranteed

In the heart of winter and with the arrival of storms, impressive images await you! This unique spectacle, found only at the best exposed locations on the Atlantic coast, offers breathtaking images that will delight photography enthusiasts and those who live far from the Ocean.

Waves several meters high crash on the Agulhas of Port Coton and the surrounding cliffs. The foam that forms then comes to twirl in the air. Torrents of water rush between the rocks, in a shattering noise…shivers and emotions on the program!

Want to warm up?

After so much emotion, you’ve earned a little comfort…Let’s meet at the Cotton Bar of the hotel Le Castel Clara, one of the most prestigious establishments on Belle-île, located just a stone’s throw from the Aiguilles de Port Coton! On the program: cocktails, wines, spirits and jazz concerts!

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