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The church in Locmaria

The church of Locmaria

The village of Locmaria,

was founded in 1070 and is a very unique village : a very developed agriculture, a vast rural habitat with large hamlets and almost no maritime activity. Peak of the island, Locmaria cultivates its difference with the contrast of the highest cliffs of the island and the beautiful beaches of Port-Andro, Samzun, and Grands Sables (2km of thin sand, perfect for nautical sports).


Church Notre-Dame de Locmaria

The first church of Locmaria was built in 1070. It is the oldest church on the island. A large building with the great altar at the gable of the Levant, two arms adorned with chapels, a steeple in needle, under the paneled roof of the frames under the slate roofing.La première église de Locmaria aurait été consacrée en 1070. Elle serait donc la plus ancienne de l’île. Un grand corps d'édifice avec le grand autel au pignon du levant, deux bras ornés de chapelles, un clocher en aiguille, sous le toit en lambris des charpentes sous la couverture en ardoises.

A curious legend has been going around across the island, the legend of Notre-Dame du Bois-Tors. Once upon a time, a beautiful elm located in front of the church was cut by the crew of a dutch boat who wanted to use it to replace their mat, broken by the storm.

While the trunk was being chopped with an ax, it suddenly rolled, and stiffened "twisted from the toe to the top." Unable to use a mast so twisted and, no doubt also greatly impressed, the sailors sailed off immediately.

Inside the church you have the chance to admire the Ex-Voto, a boat suspended on top of the A l'intérieur admirez le Ex-Voto, un bateau suspendu au-dessus des fidèles.

It is a square three mats war ship with the bow adorned with an angel. The model was cut in the mass and partly hollowed out. Its 108 guns, spread over three decks. The sculptor's name and the year are inscribed on the forecastle: "L’Hermite Denis en 1862". The ex-voto was made in Locmaria. 2.80 meters long for 2.38 meters high, a wingspan of 1 meter. 


First painting of the church :

Watercolor of the 27th of July of 1761 painted by an Englishman because the island had then been invaded since the 22nd of April.

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