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Honey from Belle-ile

The black bee produces a unique honey


You can’t find sunflowers nor rape on the island, but you can find chestnut trees, acacia and many flowers. Belle-île benefits from a wild and diversified flora which makes the production of the honey unique. Therefore, every honey pot is a piece of the island, the reflection of a territory and a season.

This flora is perfect for the black bees, a unique species which completely adapted to its island environment for centuries. Cette végétation convient parfaitement aux abeilles noires, une espèce unique qui s’est complètement adaptée à son environnement insulaire depuis des milliers d’années.
In France, only a few places are able to preserve the « pure » black bee and Belle-île is one of the best places ! Since the continent is 15km away, the bees can’t come on their own. They are protected by the French law since 1985. This law forbids the introduction of other bees on the island, they are therefore well-loved by the 2 professional beekeepers who take care of them on this territory in between heath and sea.


Richard Laurance apiculteur

Le Rucher de l'Abeille Noire de Quentin Le Guillou


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