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A land full of flavours

Produce of the land or from the local fishing industry : Belle-île, a land full of flavours


Farmers, biscuit-makers, jam-makers, every each of them use the island’s resources to make quality products.

Outside of the famous local products like barnacles, offshore lamb, or honey from Belle-île, the producers keep developing new ideas to offer savoury or sweet products througout the seasons.


During your stay, you can pick up some local specialty and bring them with you so that your family and friends can try and savour them :

-goat cheese or cow cheese with the cheesemonger Pilou ;

-fish and crustacean soups, spreads made with fish by the Belle-îloise ;

-mead, honey from the black bee of the Rucher de l’Abeille Noire ;

-local beer La Morgat, brewed in Port Salio ;

-whisky from the distillery Kaerilis ;

-biscuits, « gâteaux bretons », caramels, from the biscuit factory La Bien Nommée ;
-apple juice or local cider (a 100% organic) from Cécile and André Le Guellec ;

-chocolates from La Palantine or the Maître chocolatier Origines


The visits you must not miss during your stay ! 

Biscuits and salted caramel : La Bien-Nommée, the place to be if you have a sweet tooth 


Created in 1997, the biscuit factory « La Bien-Nommée » (Belle-île’s other name) employs about 30 people. From the fabrication to the conditioning, every step is taken onsite, in the factory located in Le Palais. Nowadays you can find a large array of products on top of the traditional biscuits : caramel cream, caramels, gâteaux bretons… To satisfy every sweet tooth havers out there ! The factory welcomes you from Monday through Friday for a visit followed by a sampling.

Closed in December and January. From April through September : from 9 :30am to 6pm. From October through March : from 10am to 12 :30pm and from 2pm to 5pm. ZA of Bordilla, on the village of Le Palais.


« La Morgat » : the local beer une bière 100% locale  

If after savouring the biscuits of « La Bien-Nommée », you find yourself thirsty, don’t panick, Thibaud Ettore, creator and manager of the brewery « La Morgat » will be waiting for you ! The beer – blonde  is made traditionally on the hightops of Le Palais, not far from the Belle Fontaine. The beers have character just like the owner and have the taste of the sea. Always looking for new beers, Thibaud launched a new specialty :the Triple 8, for the people who love strong sensations. Following the visit of the brewery, you will be able to find a balcony with shade to pursue the experience.

The visits of the brewery, animated by Thibaud, are possible from Monday through Saturday at 6pm, from April through September. It’s located in Port Salio in Le Palais.


« Kaerilis» : uncover the secret of the alambics 

It’s now in its Avenue Carnot office that Fabien Mueller welcomes you. The goal ? Discovering the alambics of the fabrication of the whisky Kaerilis. The name comes from « kaer » which means pretty in breton and « ilis » which means island. His whisky is made and aged in oak kegs, and is made on the island which gives it an iodic flavour ! Our distiller uses for the island’s barley certain vats. If like him you are intrigued by the mysterious alambics, don’t forget to cross the threshold of his shop !

40 Avenue Carnot, Le Palais 


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