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Sustainable tourisme

Belle-Île is committed, with you and for you, to implementing a quality approach to managing the environment, developing its heritage and protecting its natural areas.
  • By welcoming you throughout the year to a lively, warm island that takes care of its heritage and environment.
  • By making available brochures and other means of information that will raise your awareness of the island's diversity and beauty, and help protect it and the welfare of the population.
  • By providing outdoor leisure activities that are environmentally friendly (small groups, choice of sites depending on the season, a nature-loving approach focused on learning about the fauna and flora, etc.)
  • By encouraging environmental management (eco-footprint), energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste sorting and responsible purchasing
  • By promoting the use of local produce and local specialities
How to be a responsible eco-citizen
  • Buy locally-produced, seasonal products from local shops
  • Visit local artists' and craftspeople's studios, and local producers and farmers
  • Whenever possible, use "soft" means of transport (walking and cycling), public transport and car-sharing
  • Choose products with less packaging and sort waste into the appropriate bins
  • Water is a rare resource, especially on an island, so use it sparingly for showers, gardens, cars, swimming pools, watering, etc.
  • Avoid waste
  • Be energy efficient: turn off lights, turn down the heating, turn off appliances in stand-by mode, etc.
  • Leave the beach clean, help collect waste and accept the presence of seaweed: the swash mark is not waste, but the sign of a healthy, clean beach
  • Respect protected natural areas (moors with Cornish heath, seagulls, dunes, orchids, etc.), which are unique in Europe
  • Comply with access restrictions for pets and pick up their dejections
Several tourist structures in Belle Ile made a commitment since 2010 in an environmental approach to obtain an ecological label (La clef Verte or Ecolabel européen)

Each of these labels require on behalf of the people working in the tourist industry a total and sincere commitment in favour of the environment by answering positively hundred compulsory criteria.


These accomodations respect the environnement










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