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Les 4 saisons de Belle Ile en Trail

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Until Monday 24 May
Web Site
Address 56360 Le Palais
- The Spring Oxybol: from May 9 to 24, 2021 - Belle Ile en Trail: September 24 and 25, 2021 Participating in the 4 seasons is to escape, to recharge your batteries, to experience another Nature encounter in the wind, the spray or the winter sun, with people who have the time; it is also playing with others, taking up a challenge and the possibility of winning bibs for Belle Ile en Trail 2021. How it works: - Online registration. Only the distance is known. - Download an app (with connection) - Go to the starting point (location communicated by email) whenever you want, throughout the opening period of the course at the times indicated on the race regulations. - Open the app with personal Username and Password, assigned by the organization (and only these if you want to enter the ranking) and communicated by email. - Scan the QR Code Setup displayed on site. - Scan the Start QR Code - Your stopwatch is started. - Follow the specific Trail or GR markings - Scan the QR Code of Checkpoints - Scan the QR Code Arrival - Save your result to enter the ranking - 2 bibs for Belle Ile en Trail 2021 offered to each of the first 3 women and each of the first 3 men in the classification of each race. - 2 bibs for Belle Ile en Trail 2021 offered to 4 other participants, drawn at random. Race regulations and registrations:
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