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Spectacle : « Sarah vous n’êtes pas au théâtre »

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Saturday 13 Jul
Phone 06 86 11 56 34
Address salle Arletty 56360 Le Palais
At 8:30 pm, Arletty Room, The Palace. A late summer 1913 at Colts with Sarah Bernhardt. It's the end of the holidays ! Sarah Bernhardt is constantly in representation and leads her court at no charge. The day ends with a Dinner of Heads, a party during which guests prepare surprises. The play is inspired by Jean Dupont-Nivet's book Sarah Bernhardt: Thirty Years of Passion for Belle Ile en Mer. A creation of the Association Act-Meizad supported by the CCBI and interpreted by the troupe of Hutter Cats. With the sound participation of Jazmin Black Grollemund, soprano and Philippe Walsh, piano, and Norbert Naudin, voiceover. Written and directed by Sylvie Thienot. Duration of the show: 1h30.
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