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Cow Love

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Saturday 02 Mar
Phone 06 86 11 56 34
Address salle Arletty 56360 Le Palais
At 8pm, Arletty Room, The Palace. by the Protective Society of Small Ideas Show all public. Duo of shock between love and cowherds Cow love is the absurd corner where sports haute couture, the sour taste of milk, songs that will never be a big hit. The plastic flowers and the whim of a love. A children's game of a disgusting schizophrenia. The ardent side of our most beautiful obsessions: chronic stupidity, the pleasure of imperfection. Organized by the CCBI as part of its cultural programming. Admission: adult price: 10 €, price - 18 years): free, Reservations at 06-86-11-56-34. From 2019, you will be offered a pass frequency spectacle nominative: 40 € for 5 shows of the cultural programming of the CCBI. To withdraw the evening of the show.
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