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3ème édition de la nuit de la lecture

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Saturday 19 Jan
Phone 02 97 31 45 58
Address médiathèque passage de l'hôtel de ville 56360 Le Palais
In the first part of the evening: 18h - 19h: readings in pajamas, a show for children from 4 years proposed by the company filigree tribe. Accompanied by their parents, the children in pajamas, pillow under the arm, blanket in hand discover and savor, under the comforter quilt of the media library, tales and other stories of the evening. In the second part of the evening: 20h-21h: aperitif-reading, reading of news written by Yves Puechavy around a convivial and warm dinner aperitif, the woman with small mules and other news by the association Tales to the Use of the world. Media library, passage of the city hall, The Palace
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